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A 21 day Durga Sadhana Immersion

Sadhana means spiritual practice, spiritual practice is love.
For 21 days you offer yourself onto the altar of awake living,
and with the support of a global circle of wild hearted Dharma sisters
+ daily practices and short sutras of awakening,
you will re-connect with and re-commit to a truth which is 
deeply rooted in the universal,
as much as it vibrates uniquely through you. 

As you.

Your truth, and the trust and strength to live it,
is not found in the cunning navigation through 
the all too familiar playing fields of the power games (higher/lower, win/loose, superior/unworthy, perpetrator/victim, )
nor is it found in the never ending dance of self improvement,
empowerment or building your self esteem.

Your truth is not something you need to find, reach or create.
It is already vibrating fiercely in the forgotten depths
of that which truly matters to your soul.

Join us for the 21 day Durga Sadhana starting April 25. Read more here.

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