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The Awakening Women 9 Month Program

Date: October 2013 ~ July 2014
Place: Outside Munich, Germany
This program is fully booked.
Next program begins summer 2015.

Real awakening.
True transformation.

Overflowing from sacred retreat spaces…into your everyday life. Rediscover the passion, softness, beauty, wisdom and strength of your own feminine essence. Have you ever felt — with every longing cell of your being — that you were ready for a change? To shed old patterns? To embark on an adventure of the mind, body & spirit? To finally listen to that calling in your heart, for real? 

At The Awakening Women Institute, we have worked with thousands of women in different life transitions, and we see over and over again the number one mistake women make: We think that we have to do it all alone! Here at Awakening Women, we manifest dreams in a different way. We do it together. And together, we evoke real awakening and true transformation that lasts — long after each retreat.

We’ve all experienced the “high” of an exceptional retreat — we return home to our families & careers, so full of energy, so open and so ready…and then after just a few days or weeks, the routines of daily life take hold, and we feel like we’ve “lost” the connection we felt, and the magical sense of expansive possibility. That “lost” feeling can feel like you are taking one step forward & two steps backwards in your spiritual journey. That’s why we created our Awakening Women 9-month program — to hold our retreat participants with ongoing support for nearly a year, with a highly trained staff and a community of dedicated conscious women.

Thousands of years of imbalance toward masculine, left-brain values have left many women in a severe state of disembodiment and inner tension. We may experience success in life, but we pay a stiff price — our bodies freeze in involuntary “shields” of protection that sabotage our relationships and our free-flowing self expression. In this 9-month program, we explore empowerment beyond the combative, competitive mindset that says, “we can do it as well as men.” At The Awakening Women Institute, feminine empowerment is a relaxed and aligned state of being that transcends power games altogether. As you shift from a state of shielding into empowered awakening & embodied freedom, your body becomes soft and radiant.

The wisdom anchored in your body becomes readily available to you as you move through your life. You learn not only to listen, but also to speak and act with clarity and truth from this inner guidance.

Consider this a loving invitation to reclaim, honor and embrace the wild beauty of your full range of feminine feelings, from the gentle tenderness to red-hot fierceness.

We use the wisdom and colorful imagery of the Goddess myths as guides into our own embodiment of the Awakening feminine. In the Goddess mythology, we find fresh models of spiritual embodiment that embrace the full range of feminine expressions. As a 9 month program participant, you will experience an in-the-body and interactive way of learning with lots of flexibility to fully be who you are, in each moment.

You’ll learn, receive & experience:

~ Practices that bring a new level of aliveness and energy into the body ~ Inspiring and clarifying dialogues ~ Dharma talks and dyads ~ Insights into the feminine world myths, and how they directly relate to your life today ~ Wonderful live music, natural beauty, gentle movement and dance ~ A timeless connection with other awakening women, grounded in accountability and celebration ~ The experience of giving & receiving the healing power of the feminine through respectful touch ~ Time for silence and contemplation

Structure & commitment:

  • We’ll meet in-person for 3 retreats in beautiful Chiemsee.
  • In between the gatherings, you will cultivate a practice of awakening, to deepen & integrate new insights into your daily life
  • Every 2 weeks you will meet on the phone with a practice partner to support you to stay on track.
  • Once a month you will meet with Chameli Ardagh, founder of The Awakening Women Institute on a group phone call

Some parts of the live seminars are for students in the 9 month program only, some parts are open to all. Please see below for details.

:: Retreat 1

Wed, 16.October ~ Sun,20. October.2013 Wednesday 18:00 – Thursday dinner: 9 month group only Thursday evening – Sunday 16.00: open to all

TaraTara: the Alchemy of the Enlightened Feminine

Tara is known as the Great Liberator. Through her many colorful and splendorous expressions of the enlightened feminine, She challenges us to embrace our female incarnation with all its feelings and challenges as powerful portals to spiritual awakening. In the circle of feminine spiritual practitioners, Yoginis, you will practice The Alchemy of the Goddess where you will explore how feelings like fear, judgments or anger are in their essence made of pure wisdom. This practice of embodied spirituality awakens in us deeper levels of compassion, aliveness and creativity.

:: Retreat 2

Wed, 12. March ~ Sun, 16. March 2014 Wednesday 14:00 – Thursday dinner: 9 month group only Thursday evening – Sunday 16.00: open to all

Inanna ~ Embracing the Dark Wild Feminine

I meet you at the crossroads; I lead you through the darkness We will follow the journey of Inanna ~ the Sumerian Goddess ~ and her descent to the underworld. This ancient myth creates a powerful initiation and a context in which we can begin to accept and integrate the paradoxical and irrational aspects of reality as intrinsic parts of the life.  There is a time for pain as well as joy, for darkness as well as light, for death as well as birth–this is the teaching of the Dark Goddess. In embracing Her as part of ourselves and of life, a deep acceptance, wisdom and freedom is emerging from within. If you feel that you are fighting with parts of yourself because they don’t fit your image of how you or life itself should be, or if you feel tired of keeping yourself  “on top of things”, or maybe your intuition tells you that the Divine is much more than pink auras ~ then you are ready for Her profound teachings.

:: Retreat 3

Mon, 21.July ~ Sun, 27.July 2014 Saturday 15:00 – Sunday 14:00: 9 month group only Monday18:00 – Saturday 14.00: open to all

Lakshmi: Beauty, Abundance and Beyond

In this luscious summer retreat, we will explore reality beyond our limiting beliefs; Welcome to play in the world of Lakshmi!

When we connect with presence, with a more spacious and abundant dimension of ourselves, we begin to experience ourselves as connected to an infinite source. Our source of motivation~for everything we do~changes from one of lack to one of abundance. When resting in this more expansive aspect of yourself, you are home in yourself and your presence becomes incredibly attractive, it is magnetic! Often times we hold spirituality and the material world as two separate realities, the return of the feminine spirituality is a deep healing of this split, and spirit and matter can again be experienced as one integrated reality. We will explore how our spiritual values and maturity takes form in the world. Beauty and abundance are both essential aspects of the universe, and we will explore how we can integrate these qualities as a way of life. You will go through deep healing work to release and let go of any limited believes and myths you may have inherited about how abundant and beautiful you can be in the world. It is our intention that you will leave this retreat deeply and utterly in love with yourself.

Practical information

Jonathan Seminarhotel Kellerstr. 5, D-83339
Chieming/Hart, Germany
(Airport: Munich, Train: Munich – Traunstein)
Retreat dates/times:

Gathering 1:
Wed, 16. October – Sun, 20. October 2013
Begins first day at 18:00, ends last day at 16:00.

Gathering 2:
Wed, 12. March– Sun, 16. March 2014
Begins first day at 18:00, ends last day at 16:00.

Gathering 3:
Mon, 21. July– Sun, 27. July 2014
Begins first day at 18:00, ends last day at 14:00.


The training is held is in English with translation into German. Program price and payment options:

:: Payment in three installments : 1.750 Euro
:: Discounted price if you pay in a one time payment: 1.650 Euro
:: Early bird price, one time payment: 1.450 Euro (before 01. June 2013)
:: Graduate Price (previous 9 month program or Women’s Group Facilitator Training): 1.250 Euro

The Seminar price includes three seminars, German translation, personal session with a mentor, monthly phone conferences and practices/support in between the seminars.  Not included: Lodging & food at seminar hotel (approx. 59 – 109 € per day depending on room type)


Booking and information: Lydia Hopfgartner Tel: +43 664 416 02 18 e-Mail:

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  1. Seema says:

    I would love to enrol for the 9 Month Programme, however I reside in India at the moment. Would be great to hear from you for more info.


    1. awakeningwomen says:

      Hello Seema,

      Please be in contact with Lydia Hopfgartner ( for further information about this program. Love to have you join in.

      Suzan @ AWI

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