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Reunite with the non verbal intelligence of your body (Video)

We tend to only use a fraction of the intelligence and creativity that is available to us. In this video, Chameli will teach you a practice that will help you reunite with the universal intelligence ~ that which breathes and creates us all ~ through the body.


In this video, you will learn a practice called the Mudra of receptivity.
As always, we love love love it if you feel like sharing in the comments section below about how this practice works in you.


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  1. Sharan Moore says:

    Dearest Chameli, Thankyou, for the Peony Mudra!!I have just watched your video, and
    was there straight away with you. It was so beautiful. I was so elegantly able to led the petals of the Peony unfurl. As they were unfolding i realised i was sitting in the Peony
    like a Goddess. I felt so held and had such Peace there as well as feeling my own sacredness
    Like a Goddess sitting in her own Peony, flowering, Thank you xxx

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