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Dear Yogini Sister…


There is something profound that happens when you begin to see and claim your place in a lineage. Your assignment as a Yogini is indeed aligning with a sacred, unbroken circle of wise women who are in this very moment midwifing the new life into our world. As you fully claim that you were called to this lineage, and that you answered the call, you become an instrument of something vast, you are supported from beyond time and space…

:: Chameli Devi

Photo from the Yogini Initiation Retreat in India 2014 by Christina Valeska



  1. Maryla Rose says:

    Here I am – one of us in the sacred, unbroken circle.

    Deep bow to you Chamell. Deep bow to you my sisters.

    1. awakeningwomen says:

      So glad you are here, sister, in this sacred circle.

      Many blessings always,
      Suzan, Chameli & all of us here at AWI

    2. awakeningwomen says:

      Blessings to you, sister.

  2. lisa says:

    my growing edge is learning patience and staying in the moment. I am challenged by the task of letting go and trusting. what is opening for me is opportunities to be in service to young people.

    1. awakeningwomen says:

      Thank you, Lisa. Chameli gave several hundred temple names and will offer it again at some time. Stay tuned to our newsletter and blog for any announcements about this.

      Suzan @ AWI

  3. Trish says:

    Hello. I am so thankful to be a part of this circle for a couple of year’s now. And although I have never met you in person, Chameli, I am full of gratitude for how your teachings have deeply affected my life. Innana’s Sadhana was such a perfect manifestation of what has been my growing edge for a very long time. I have been called to the challenges of delving deeper and deeper into the shadow with intention to bless and release and make room for these divine rebirths of conscious patterning and new life. Learning to open to the manifestations of grace and allow this good to overflow through my life as such a bountiful gift. The great give-away. I am so humbled, thankful and in awe. Deep bow to all my sisters who share this courageous and pioneering journey. Deep bow to you, Chameli.

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