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A Shadow Work Practice


This practice is sort of intense.

It is about bringing the monsters in the basement– the exiled parts of ourselves —

up into the warmth of awareness, so that they no longer can run the show from the shadows.

Make sure to connect with your feet and your body before you begin.

Put a hand on your body, on your heart perhaps, or belly.

Make sure you breathe, deeply, throughout the practice.

The practice is to watch this short animated film from Steve Cutts.
It is about the disconnected, consuming, abusive, lonely part of ourselves.
This part is you. And the awareness of this part, is also you.




We can feel overwhelmed and hopeless when we open our eyes to how we treat the earth,
so much that we rather just ignore it, but don’t underestimate the resources within you,
we can turn this around.
When you see the power of your shadow self, you can begin
to understand the power of your love.
Your love is a hundred thousand times more powerful than this.


May all beings have loving kindness

May all beings be well

May all beings be happy and at ease

May all beings have loving kindness


Leave a comment to let us know how the practice was for you.


To Awakening, now

:: Chameli Devi



  1. barbara heile says:

    this is a timely sharing.
    last week i experienced the feeling (while I was painting) that is enhanced in the film, with the music as he begins to spin with “his” creative self…….which is in truth so destructive.

    it came as a shock to me to see my own disrespect for life
    so intimately
    and catapulted me into such shame.
    i felt the only medicine for this power hungry self is kindness and respect.

    the film is well done and well intentioned

    disrespect runs deep
    and kindness is the way back home.

    I begin now, again and again, to remedy this disease.

  2. Marnie says:

    Yesterday I watched a film about how we treat livestock like the are unfeeling products and I cried and cried.
    Watching the terror and fear and the extreme abuse we do to other creatures that share this world with us is so horrific, we run concentration camps for animals we want to eat, but there will be no rescue from the allies.
    I will practice being vegan, loving and kind.

  3. Patchouli says:

    This is so sad .The two things I contribute to are landfill with carrier bags as I forget to take bags with me and trees as I buy a lot of books .After watching this I will be mindful about remembering my bags when I go shopping and borrowing or buying preloved books whenever I can .I am so glad I am vegan .Thank you for sharing this .

  4. It made me so sad to watch this, facing my complacency with the ways of mass production, uncomfortable. Only one thought gives me hope let change begin with me. Namaste!

  5. madeleine says:

    I absolutely love this!

    I was just deep in a practice, of loving the unevolved parts of myself ….
    and this really helps, to remember, that we are all this together ….

    to remember: both that amplified, greedy ugly shadow is all of us ……
    and the all loving, divine radiant abundant goddess is all of us, with her 1000 breasts to nourish all the hungry children …

    Imagining the great healing that can occur, when women from all over the planet will be practicing Lakshmi Sadhana together ….


  6. Donna Pronk says:

    This makes me feel ashamed to be a human being. It hurts my heart and makes me sad that I don’t do more to work to turn this around. I have been keeping my head buried in the sands of ignorance.

    I will practice being loving and kind.

    Hope many, many others watch this and make changes in their lives.

  7. June Persons says:

    The film is depressing and accurate. I feel sad.
    In my personal surroundings I thank the earth, am so thankful for the beauty. I pledge to work harder to be kind to the earth (me) and to all beings. I shared the video on FB. Thank you for all you do.

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