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The return of the Goddess will not feed or satisfy the ego


There is a lot of talk about feminine awakening and empowerment these days, and one of the pitfalls I see playing itself out in the collective right now, is that the old paradigm of competition and greed, of “more-for-me” has learned to mimic the deep feminine.

With that I mean that there is a danger that we use the language and the imagery of the feminine to feed the old patterns of ambition and endless improvement. Now we are not only being told that we should be better and smarter and richer, we should also “find our inner Goddess”, get our “tantra on”, be more radiant,  we should “do” the feminine perfectly. Continue reading →

Dear drama, I’m breaking up with you…


Oh, the drama…

When you feel that knot in the belly,
when there is a court scene playing in your head,
when you panic, when you worry,
when you regret it the moment you push the send button.

When you hear yourself say yes. Or no (again!),
feeling that familiar shrinking inside.
When it’s not enough, or way too much.  Continue reading →

Sacred Storm


By Denise Reynolds
Written during a torrential rain and thunderstorm
in the Yogini Initiation retreat, Rishikesh India – February 15, 2013  


Sacred union of earth and sky,
Dancing all the elements.
Sky penetrating Earth with life-giving water.
Filling Her, quenching Her
Becoming the life-blood of Gaia. Continue reading →

Can you leave the tempting hooks of drama dangling in thin air?


Living a life in a woman’s body you will, in any given moment,
have feelings.
Sometimes light and easy,
other times more rough and fiery,
and yes, everything in between.
It is unavoidable,
and in itself it is unproblematic. Continue reading →

I no longer want to be Better than you


Guest Blog by Katy Stevenson Wirth

In my heart of hearts,
I no longer want to be
Better than you
Smarter than you
Thinner than you
Prettier than you
Faster than you
Stronger than you
More accomplished than you
More creative than you
A better mother than you
A better friend than you
Better educated than you
ANYTHING more than you. Continue reading →

She is singing the world into being, through you



A Yogini engages in Sadhana so she can stay rooted in 
a wide and transparent view,
also in times of rough contractions.

In some martial arts they use the expression “to freeze at the level of the attack”.
In ordinary life, that would mean something 
similar to if someone was to grab your arm,
your energy and attention would automatically 
narrow in
around the place of contact where 
you are held in the grip.

Or if some area of your life feels stuck and frustrating,
your attention tends to get sucked 
towards that which is not working. Continue reading →

This Dance is a Prayer (Video/Dance/Spoken words)

We pray

We pray

We pray

How does love act faced with the unbearable?


The Dalai Lama says that compassion is to bear the unbearable.
How do we do that? How do we bear the unbearable?

We all have places where we contract and close in fierce resistance.
One of my strongest challenges is the pornography/human trafficking industry, its abuse of innocent children and selling of women.

For many years I worked as a therapist for teenagers who had been involved with prostitution from a very young age. I got to know how precious and fragile these girls were in their early womanhood. Their hopes for the future where often covered over by a hard shell of cynicism. They had prematurely lost their childhood, their vulnerability turned to shame. But deep in their hearts, their innocence was still undeniably beautiful.

Continue reading →

The realization of radiance.

queen of trust

You are the light of awareness
embodied in time and space.

Embodied awareness brings forth
embodied consciousness,
which is radiant light.

Bring your attention to the field of luminous awareness
that illuminates your experience right now.
Without this clear light of awareness
you would be without experience. Continue reading →

Is your inner Mrs. Fix-it leading you astray?


Sometimes it feels as if you have lost Her (It, Him, Spirit, Connection)
and you think you have to learn some more methods,
or you have to “let go and accept”.
You have to think good thoughts,
or get rid of thoughts all together,
or you have to process and heal something in order to find Her again. Continue reading →

We need to place the Earth within our hearts (Video)

Prayer for the Earth – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee from Working with Oneness on Vimeo.

“In our prayers and devotions, we need to reconnect with the sacred substance in creation. We need to place the earth within our hearts, and nourish it with our love, and offer it in remembrance of God.” Continue reading →

All your attempts to reach me are in reality my attempts to reach you.

chameli o shantimayi

Oh Lover of Truth,

She does it on purpose, I mean, being that irresistible…

She knows that we all have GREAT reasons not to show up.
She knows that we have read the books, that we know the latest “how to’s”.

She knows how busy we are, She knows about the latest drama, the numbness.
She knows about our hunger for, and mistrust of, the wide open tundras of Being,

and She knows about our loyal subscription to comparing, to doing, to analyzing.

She knows how we secretly judge Her, how we want Her to show up more
like in the books with crystal clear messages (who needs paradox anyway).

She knows our impatience with Her. Continue reading →

Into the Darkness


Guest Blog by Dominique Youkhehpaz


On days like these, cold and rainy,
I feel a pull from the deep from the dark, womb of the earth,
source of all things.

I wonder what life would be like if
we slept in the daytime and kept awake at night. Continue reading →

When you forget who you are…


women's hips


Unworthiness and arrogance can only
allure you into their entangled shadow dance
when you forget who you are. Continue reading →

The Way Things Are

Guest blog by Dominique Youkhehpaz

535390_10151511336562702_1686581700_n“I can’t believe her. She’s so flaky, and she always wants something from me,” I overheard a woman complaining one afternoon at a café.  I had just finished typing up notes about the Awakening Women Global Sisterhood Manifesto—a set of guidelines within Awakening Women for creating a conscious women’s culture—and went outside to breathe and lie on the earth when this group of women chatting over tea caught my attention.

“I know,” the second woman replied. “She’s a mess. That’s just the way she is. That’s just how she is.” Continue reading →

Dare to let that holy flame within you grow hot and dangerous

Come closer beloved Yogini,
and re-claim desire as your holy connection
with life itself
Can you enjoy how desire rushes through you?
Sometimes fierce and strong as a hundred wild horses,
sometimes a magnetic depth all the way to the inside of the inside.

In your willingness to stay present, and to feel the raw sensation of desire in your body
you are invited back into the womb of Shakti,
your whole life becomes a puja to the beating heart of creation. Continue reading →

A Practice of Feminine Leadership

Every thing appearing in your experience right now,
each sound, each thought, each feeling
each pain, each pleasure, 
ALL of it,
is the dance of Shiva/Shakti
- an 
outpouring of unfathomable creativity.

Each appearance is a wave
arising and dissolving
 out of Lalita Devi, the one mysterious ocean.

This is why the seeking for a future state of 
will only take you further away 
from that which will fulfill your longing. Continue reading →

Stay with your experience and you are home in the deep warmth of connection.


On this path you will find yourself many, many times resisting with every fiber of your being just being here. There are places that will open in this blossoming which you would not want to open.

If you can trust the process, you discover a freedom which is not conditioned on certain feelings or states. It is a connection that is here no matter what you feel.

There is that deep sense of  home which is here no matter what the outer circumstances, no matter if your experiences are expanded, contracted or aching, or if it is ordinary, or if it is loving and beautiful. This rootedness creates a different journey. Your life is no longer a chase after certain states. Continue reading →

The Return of the Yogini ~ Reflections after Practice in Yogini-land (Corfu Greece)


Guest blog by Miri Kalliwoda

This was my third time in Corfu, and each time I meet new challenges and it is always teaching me something important for life. While in retreat, together with my beautiful Yogini sisters, I feel supported.  I can feel that I am not alone and I feel brave enough to dive deeply into the dark facing the unknown and finding long hidden treasures within me.

Maybe the voice of my heart sings and dances louder there, embracing me with loving air. Continue reading →

Reunite with the non verbal intelligence of your body (Video)

We tend to only use a fraction of the intelligence and creativity that is available to us. In this video, Chameli will teach you a practice that will help you reunite with the universal intelligence ~ that which breathes and creates us all ~ through the body.


In this video, you will learn a practice called the Mudra of receptivity.
As always, we love love love it if you feel like sharing in the comments section below about how this practice works in you.