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Women’s Bodies as Vessels for Evolution

Chameli was interviewed by Stefana Serafina for The Embodied Way, a podcast series created to empower listeners in their embodied living and awareness as a pathway to reclaiming our inherent intelligence, evolutionary knowing, and healing capacity of our bodies. Stefana is an experienced journalist and NPR host, which makes these talks very engaging and inspiring.

You can also listen directly on the iTunes page and/or download the episodes here.









You are a holy compost pile at the very edge of evolution


The new world grows out of this fertile brew made of our outgrown clothes, our errors and awakenings, our dreams and prayers, and the luminous horizon we sense there—in the pause between the breath, in the gap between thoughts, in the softening of the heart.

You are a holy compost pile at the very edge of evolution. Continue reading →

The Women’s Center for Refugees ~ Part 2





Crowd-Sourcing Wisdom, Resources & Creativity for the benefit of female refugees and their families…

We are so excited to report that the women’s center is coming along quickly! We have the contractors working and they should be done in just a few days — the space looks amazing!

Molly Ananda and I hosted our first two yoga therapy workshops for women refugees in two parts of Istanbul. They were absolutely amazing and so fulfilling. We are completely in love with these brave and beautiful sisters. This healing and connection work is so important for all of us globally.

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The Women’s Center for Refugees


I am sobbing with gratitude for Zoe and One Light Global, and YOU and our Awakening Women community…below is an update from Zoe, who is in Istanbul right now creating a women’s center for the Syrian refugees with the money we donated from the Divine Mother Sadhana…
With Love, Chameli
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7 tools I use to keep my sanity while on the computer



Dear Sister,

Many of you have expressed that you easily get distracted or drained while doing work on the computer and online. Here is a list of (mostly free) tools I use to keep my sanity while on the computer:

1. Ad Blocker

Ad blocker reduces distractions while you are on the internet in a big way. There are no more adds when you visit FB or other websites. This one is for Firefox; search on Google if you use another browser.

2. Unroll Me

This is a truly amazing tool for cleaning up your email inbox. After you sign up, you can see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don’t want and collect the ones you want to keep in one overview.

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Yes, we can make a difference ~ introducing Zoe and One Light Global


As we open our hearts to pray for peace in the world, we do not forget for a moment all the Syrian refugees landing on a foreign soil each day with no shelter, no food, and no one to receive them, forced to leave their war-torn homeland.  In February alone, 56,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Greece and thousands more are arriving every day.

Meeting the heartbreak of those who have lost everything with pure compassion, yogini sister Zoë Wild created One Light Global, an organization that provides humanitarian aid for families, widows and orphans in crisis fleeing the devastation of war and seeking a life of safety and opportunity in new lands.

Awakening Women has been following and supporting Zoe’s wonderful work, and we are truly impressed with the impact she is having, and how she is modeling for us all the power we access when we let our hearts take the steering wheel. Continue reading →

Reclaiming Isis- the name of a Goddess



I remember when I first heard that the terrorists in Syria were called ISIS, it felt as if the name of the Goddess was “stolen”, “co-opted” and I diligently used one of the other names like IS, ISIL or Daesh. But the deeper I felt into it as a story teller and lover of Goddess mythology, I came to view it from another perspective.

I became intrigued by how the Goddess Isis has placed her holy name right into the heart of the dark forces playing themselves out on our planet today, and thus has ended up on everybody’s lips chanted like a mantra hundreds of thousands, maybe a million times a day.  Continue reading →

Spiritual Awakening Is Not a Passive State

 Spiritual Awakening Is Not a Passive State

I am slowly landing back home after an extraordinary pilgrimage to India and to the yogini circle in Vienna. Each time we dive into practice in the circle, it feels as if the jewel of our being is getting polished, becoming a more clear and luminous guide that we can always rely upon as we navigate through the ache and beauty of embodied life.

To me this inner awakening work is not removed from the physical surface of what we call ordinary life; it is not a passive, reclusive endeavor. To awaken to our nature deeper than our identity with the small me, to plant our roots in a bigger self, does not remove differences between us. It cultivates our capacity to tolerate differences. When we realize that we all are arising from the same source, our relationship to our differences changes. Differences no longer mean separation.  To me this is spiritual activism. To me this is peace work in a very pragmatic sense. Continue reading →

Surrender as Our Feminine Super Power

Shakti Blog Image

by Lisa Schrader

Surrender …. this is not a word that many of us like or hold in much esteem. Before reading any further, I invite you to pause and say the word to yourself. How does it feel? How does it feel in your body, in your heart, in your soul?

The dictionary definitions can do a pretty good job at reinforcing our distaste for the word: “ceasing to resist the enemy, losing, giving up, submitting to another’s authority.” Not themes that most of us modern-day, post feminist women find very attractive.

So first things first, we need to reclaim the roots of word itself. “Sur” is a prefix meaning “higher” and “to render” means to melt.

To surrender then is to “melt into something higher.” Continue reading →

Living Life as Sadhana


I have been contemplating on the power of our community and what it means to come together with a shared intention of practice, what it means to live life as sadhana, what it means to take a seat as a Yogini. On this path there is no promise of a perfect ever after, life is full of glory and failures (and sometimes glorious failures!), full of pain and beauty, unbearable suffering, ordinariness, challenges and grace.

Life… happens… holy… Continue reading →

My Secret Place


I want to share with you
a place inside me
even lovers don’t know about.

Where pain and pleasure meet,
merge in their intensity,
bringing me to shudder and convulse,
shiver and weep.

Where everything I avoid
and everything I am seeking
are the same thing.

The depth of me,
essence of my human heart,
truth unveiled.

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Let everything open you



With Her circle of Shaktis, Goddess appears wherever you look,
whispering, “Let everything open you.”

She can be fierce like a storm
and She can be so very gentle, like the opening
of a flower, like a warm breeze lifting the hem of your skirt.
There will be days when you feel a trembling open,
a ripping open, a falling apart.
There will be days when all you need to open is a belly laugh,
or to speak up, or to get a good night’s sleep.

Let everything open you.

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What can we do?


Image of Goddess Kali was displayed on to the iconic Empire State building in New York in August.

Dear Courageous One,

What can we do?

Maybe you, like me, have felt this question grow louder in your heart the last weeks of witnessing the biggest Refugee Crisis since the second world war as large numbers of human beings are forced to leave their homes risking their lives searching for a new life in Europe for themselves and their families.

When I feel our sisterhood and the practices that we engage in within our Yogini circle, it brings me to tears knowing how we all contribute to such profound healing for the world.

This summer the Goddess showed me the ripples of our practice and prayers, how it touches and influences EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, human hearts and ocean creatures, the stars and trees—we are all creating and being created by each other.  I know this in my heart, and yet sometimes the urgency to do more can be so overwhelming.

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This is what I know…

Luis Llerena

Guest blog by Maxima Kahn

That you were born with unique gifts that the world needs at this time, that you have a place and purpose here, that you were in fact called forth in this time and this place, in this body, with these gifts and challenges, because we need you. You have a unique role to play, and no one else can fill it. You being you and sharing your gifts is extremely important for the well-being of the whole planet.

That you were almost certainly raised to be someone other than who you really are—either by your parents, your schooling, your society, your culture and/or the traumas that happened to you. You’ve inherited lies and confusion about who you are that stop you from being who you really are, from giving your gifts, and living as the love, freedom and joy that you are. That underneath those lies are glittering truths that will set you free and empower you to shine.

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3 practices that help me relax while speaking in public


Photo: Bibbie Friman

Having trained more than 400 women in the art of creating and leading an ongoing Women’s Temple group, I often receive questions about how we can deal with fear and insecurity as leaders.

For me the solution is not to build up a new and shiny “confident me”, but to cultivate the capacity to stay present and relax open even when unwanted feelings like fear come to visit. Any identity we cling to suffocates our connection to the wild intelligence that we are and dims how much Presence we are able to transmit to others.

The world doesn’t need the plastic version of you: what we are hungry for is the medicine of Presence, generously given through the broken, imperfect, glorious and fully alive you.

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Dare to be Beautiful

IMG_5433_croppedGuest blog by Anita Wiger

I’m sitting on my balcony viewing the ocean, reflecting on my weeks in Corfu.
A month long Yogini ashram with
Awakening Women.
My life feels like a movie, a good one.
Not a Hollywood feel good movie, more the independent black and white one.
Interesting and not what you expect.
A little dramatic, real, raw and beautiful life changes over the years.
I can hardly believe it.
This summer, this life.

All my different choices.
From my work as a hairdresser, cool chick in black, wife, being a mum, to assisting in women’s groups, Lifedancing teacher, guiding women, taking care of my mother, leading the Yogini assistant team, Stylist and Coach, selling and buying houses, a new building project in Portugal, to body work, and this summer
Hello, give me a break!
So surreal and yet so totally natural.
I’m pinching myself, is this for real?

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A Feminine Body Needs a Feminine Medicine

Bibbie Foto Beate Maul and Gianna Irmisch (3)

Guest blog by Drs. Beate Maul & Gianna Irmisch

In our medical practice of Chinese medicine and psychotherapy, we meet many women each year who have to make essential decisions concerning their bodies and souls. Many of them feel the pressure that a medical system filled with fear and a lack of time and compassion puts on them. They find it hard to hear the voice of their own body among all the voices around them giving advice or even telling them the supposed only way to recover. Sometimes it seems like there is no “feminine way” to heal in this jungle of professional advice.  Continue reading →

There are mothers.

Poem by Mette Welhaven Næss



There are mothers.

There are birthmothers.

And there are stepmothers.

There are adoptive mothers

and there are soul mothers.

There are real life mothers

and there are heavenly mothers.

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Oxytocin: The Healing Key within the Female Body

corfu4Guest blog by Sophie Jane Mortimer

My most eye-opening moment in the Awakening Women Leadership Training was learning about the ‘Goddess hormone’ oxytocin, and the science behind the healing bliss of Women’s Temple.

Chameli began her oxytocin talk by explaining that up until about twenty years ago, all stress research was done on male subjects. The female body’s hormones fluctuate so much that it is challenging to measure hormonal responses, so researchers simply didn’t include them in their studies. Thankfully, a group of pioneering researchers embarked upon a ground-breaking study. What they found could have a potentially radical impact for women, especially women who are engaged in a healing journey of any kind.

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Guest blog by Nicoletta Abbate

Silence is the knot in my throat I have known since I was a child
of withheld tears running back inside
it has the taste of immeasurable pain that cannot be held by loving arms
so it gets swallowed back

It knows the sadness of others that has no river banks
and so it engulfs and floods the whole of you.

Silence has claimed love words from me too
and it has robbed me of moments of joy and connection
and sometimes of the possibilities of softening in a loving embrace.

Silence has no words
and yet fights to find them.

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