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Yogini Wisdom


Yogini Wisdom

Your Dharma is a yearning within you to “become” fully. It is not only a human thing: everything in the universe has its unique vibration and expression. The closer you live to the vibration of you, the more fulfilling your life is. Continue reading →

You don’t have to connect with Mother Earth

Chameli Ardagh


Sister, you don’t have to connect with Mother Earth, you have never been disconnected from Her.

Before you even knew what it meant to know, you have known Her. You know Her in you, as you, as your very own breath.

Before She turned into “other”, an abstract concept, something you would have to evaluate, deserve, miss, awaken to, or even “return to”, She has birthed you, nursed you, fed you; She has held you close; She has never—even for a moment—let you go. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom



You don’t have to close your heart to set clear boundaries.

In fact, sometimes a “no” can be the clearest expression of love.

~ Chameli Devi Ardagh


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The Goddess who is Always Wet



Since one of the effects of being immersed in embodied awakening practices is that a major portion of communication now happens through my whole body and being, in addition to words, I have felt for a while a longing to create more videos to share with you. So when Elayne Doughty invited me to join her for a video meeting as part of her upcoming Queen’s Council, I felt a very big YES.

The invitation came in the spring, and little did I know that this summer I would enter a totally new state of being…a wet one, that is.

This summer I entered the beginning stages of the remarkable initiation process that is menopause. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom



We often speak about power games as a polarity between the victim and the perpetrator, the one in power and the one that is overpowered. But another way we can get entangled in power games is in the helper role.

When we try to help another, we may give too much and then become resentful and bitter, or try to rescue the other as a way for us to find a sense of worth and validation from the outside.

The yearning to serve and help people is essential for the feminine: it is part of our gift to the world. Yet in its unconscious expression, it can become a solid identity that entangles rather than liberates us.

When we bring these frozen habits of manipulation into consciousness, energy is released into a natural flow. No longer trapped in power games, we align again with compassion and the spirit of generosity

~ Chameli Ardagh


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Photo:  Awakening Women Institute

Yogini Wisdom


We’ve been praying for something big to change in our world. We feel in our hearts that what we are doing to our earth—to each other, through the way we are living—is not sustainable.

What if this gathering of conscious women happening all over the planet these days is the answer to that prayer?

~ Chameli Ardagh


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photo: Bibbie Friman

How does it feel to be rooted?

unnamed (1)

A few years ago, my beloved and I moved into a house that feels like home more than any house has ever felt to me before.

Having lived a gypsy life for so long, mostly visiting places, for the first time in my life I have felt an irresistible longing to plant roots.

I longed to create a home that could hold me through the ups and downs of this life-lived-in-a-woman’s-body, and reflect back to me my unique vibration, in form. I have done some powerful sessions with my friend, Susana Nova, who has helped me decorate my home from the inside out. And as I sit here in my kitchen writing to you, I feel such an alignment between the inner and outer; it feels like I sit inside my own soul.

Here is a picture of my kitchen temple: Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdon


The Goddess is birthing herself through any  woman who is willing to unclench her rigid,  automatic ways; through any woman who is  willing to get out of her own way and become translucent enough for the magnificence of spirit to permeate through her and into the realm of  form. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom


Yogini WIsdom


When you bring your awareness inwards and connect with consciousness, with Self, you may start to think of this consciousness as “my” inner world, as if you are connecting with something limited to human consciousness. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom

Yogini Wisdom


To hold presence for another is a great gift to offer and a skill worth practicing. We are so used to thinking about life as a problem to be solved that when we hear of another’s suffering, we are not fully present and instead become preoccupied with figuring out how to respond. We think we have to say the right thing, fix her or find a solution for her. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom


We can spend a lifetime just gathering spiritual
information, reading one thing after another
without ever absorbing the depth being offered.
Only having a taste here, a taste there. If we
were to fully digest ONE of the lines of a poem
by Rumi, for example, our whole life could change.
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Yogini Wisdom



In the yogini practices, we do not reject or
try to control the body in order to reach the formless.
We enter the body—enter the thick of it,
enter the flesh of it—and through the body,
we merge with Source.

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Yogini Wisdom

Yogini Wistom

When we relax the urgency of release we can ride the intensity of
sexual energy from the physical sensation back into the source
of the sensation, and we enter a more subtle expression of energy.
Here we access the world through a more fluid aspect
of our being that dances and vibrates with all beings.

We discover that the erotic is not merely a sexual feeling
in the genitals; it is in the trees, the earth, the wind, the flowers—
everything is vibrating in this erotic dance of life.

~ Chameli Devi Ardagh

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Lalita Devi Self Study Now Available



We are happy to announce that we have just made our Lalita Devi Sadhana available as a self study course. This means that you can start any time and go through the Sadhana at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

The Goddess Lalita Devi is a much needed archetype of the spiritually and erotically awake feminine. She points us to a source of wisdom and empowerment which is found through embodied intimacy with ourselves and the world.

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Women’s Bodies as Vessels for Evolution

Chameli was interviewed by Stefana Serafina for The Embodied Way, a podcast series created to empower listeners in their embodied living and awareness as a pathway to reclaiming our inherent intelligence, evolutionary knowing, and healing capacity of our bodies. Stefana is an experienced journalist and NPR host, which makes these talks very engaging and inspiring.

You can also listen directly on the iTunes page and/or download the episodes here.




You are a holy compost pile at the very edge of evolution


The new world grows out of this fertile brew made of our outgrown clothes, our errors and awakenings, our dreams and prayers, and the luminous horizon we sense there—in the pause between the breath, in the gap between thoughts, in the softening of the heart.

You are a holy compost pile at the very edge of evolution. Continue reading →

The Women’s Center for Refugees ~ Part 2



Crowd-Sourcing Wisdom, Resources & Creativity for the benefit of female refugees and their families…

We are so excited to report that the women’s center is coming along quickly! We have the contractors working and they should be done in just a few days — the space looks amazing!

Molly Ananda and I hosted our first two yoga therapy workshops for women refugees in two parts of Istanbul. They were absolutely amazing and so fulfilling. We are completely in love with these brave and beautiful sisters. This healing and connection work is so important for all of us globally.

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The Women’s Center for Refugees


I am sobbing with gratitude for Zoe and One Light Global, and YOU and our Awakening Women community…below is an update from Zoe, who is in Istanbul right now creating a women’s center for the Syrian refugees with the money we donated from the Divine Mother Sadhana…
With Love, Chameli
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7 tools I use to keep my sanity while on the computer



Dear Sister,

Many of you have expressed that you easily get distracted or drained while doing work on the computer and online. Here is a list of (mostly free) tools I use to keep my sanity while on the computer:

1. Ad Blocker

Ad blocker reduces distractions while you are on the internet in a big way. There are no more adds when you visit FB or other websites. This one is for Firefox; search on Google if you use another browser.

2. Unroll Me

This is a truly amazing tool for cleaning up your email inbox. After you sign up, you can see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don’t want and collect the ones you want to keep in one overview.

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Yes, we can make a difference ~ introducing Zoe and One Light Global


As we open our hearts to pray for peace in the world, we do not forget for a moment all the Syrian refugees landing on a foreign soil each day with no shelter, no food, and no one to receive them, forced to leave their war-torn homeland.  In February alone, 56,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Greece and thousands more are arriving every day.

Meeting the heartbreak of those who have lost everything with pure compassion, yogini sister Zoë Wild created One Light Global, an organization that provides humanitarian aid for families, widows and orphans in crisis fleeing the devastation of war and seeking a life of safety and opportunity in new lands.

Awakening Women has been following and supporting Zoe’s wonderful work, and we are truly impressed with the impact she is having, and how she is modeling for us all the power we access when we let our hearts take the steering wheel. Continue reading →