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Lakshmi ~ Live your Dharma with Abundance and Integrity

c0dbbfe5d9e9d9391d45528af98fdc84_1426764581with Chameli Ardagh
& the Awakening Women Team

Date : June 3 – 5, 2016
Location: Cologne, Germany

Sri Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance, beauty and 
She is the one who removes any idea of separation
between our spirituality and our so-called ordinary life.
She busts through our limiting beliefs and unconscious loyalty to lack,
and shows us how we can live the infinite abundance of our spiritual awakening
in an embodied and practical way;
how we can put our unique mark of beauty onto the world. [Read More…]

Shiva/Shakti – The Sacred Union


with Chameli Ardagh
& The Awakening Women Team

Date: June 10 – 12, 2016
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Shiva symbolizes Presence, formless and limitless consciousness.
Shakti is how this consciousness takes form.
They are not separate from each other, but two aspects of the same totality. [Read More…]

Yogini Summer Ashram in Corfu

2June 19 – July 15, 2016
Corfu, Greece

Read all about it here:

Welcome to our 10th international Yogini Summer Ashram in Greece!

Since the first time we gathered on the magical island of Corfu ten years ago, our practice and connection to the ancient lineage of feminine practitioners has deepened in ways I could never have imagined. Together we have created a true sanctuary for the feminine.

For many women this annual ashram time in Greece has become the oasis we return to again and again to be awakened and loved beyond our wildest dreams. We have had women traveling in from Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, USA, Germany, South Africa, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Italy, India, Australia and even New Zealand. Real sisterhood among conscious  women. Women dedicated to a conscious world, for ALL.

Lalita Devi ~ The Healing Power of the Erotically Awake Feminine


with Chameli Ardagh
& the Awakening Women Team

Date: July 22 – 24, 2016
Location: Hamburg, Germany

She is the love moving the universe,
She is the original impulse within your own heart,
She is the one manifesting in all life as erotic attraction.
She is the One “pervading unlimited space, yet fully manifest in every atom”.

[Read More…]

Saraswati ~ Expression, Wisdom & Freedom

4with Chameli Ardagh
& the Awakening Women Team

Date: September 2 – 4, 2016
Place: Boulder, Colorado

She is wisdom behind knowledge,
the impulse behind the movements,
the breath within the breath. [Read More…]

Durga ~ an initiation into outrageous authenticity & love

Durga 1with Chameli Ardagh
& the Awakening Women Team

Date: November 4 – 6, 2016   
 Portland, Oregon




You may roar from the mountain tops,
you may whisper into your cat’s ear.
You may express it through the swagger in your hips,
[Read More…]