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private session

Chameli is fully booked for the next months. Contact us  if you would like us to let you know when we have an opening.

the feminine awakening & embodiment session

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it~ Einstein

In this process you will not learn yet another way to remain busy in the never ending hamster wheel of self improvement, or new concepts of how you should be. In this process you will open to a new level of consciousness, a dimension of yourself that is already free, fulfilled, and connected.

Bring your biggest “blocks”, these will be the very fuel for your awakening process. Nothing is too sticky.  Do you feel that you move in circles in some areas of your life? Perhaps you have a clear intuition of your potential, yet you find yourself choosing the familiar, sabotaging yourself, procrastinating. Or perhaps it feels as that which you intuitively  know is possible is somehow always just out of reach.

Through a radical releasing process you will be guided through the resisted self images and feelings, and back into awakened consciousness. You access the source of genuine happiness, creativity and clarity.

You access Feminine Brilliance, which is a tremendously  magnetic force.  Instead of pushing your way through life, instead of running around, chasing after, you rest deeply within your own being, you collaborate with the evolutionary rhythm of life itself.

Chameli will do powerful energy work with you as you move through the process, so you may discover that much of the release and awakening that is happening for you, happens beyond and even despite your intellectual or emotional understanding.

Chameli is traveling around the world meeting with hundreds of women, and each month she take on a limited number of clients for one-on-one work. If you feel that one of those spots are yours. Book your session today.

You will spend 90 minutes  with Chameli on the phone or skype (audio only), but you also need to make sure that you can lay down and rest for at least 15 minutes after you hang up.



the keep-me-awake session package

It’s one thing to experience an awakening to feminine brilliance, and a whole other thing to actually live from, to embody, this clarity and feminine power.  This is what the Awakening Women work is about; practices and support so it can be lived for real.

Many women fall  deeply in love with this new level of love, creativity and empowerment, but they also know how easy it is to slowly fall back into old habits, so they invest in getting the right support.  If you sign up for the keep-me-awake- session package

  • you will keep releasing deeper layers of core blocks, freeing up tremendous life energy, creativity and radiance
  • you will deepen and stabilize your spiritual awakening
  • you will learn practices to embody awakening the feminine way
  • you will have ongoing support from Chameli through 4 x 60 minute sessions (every week, every 2.week, or once a month)
  • unlimited e-mail support in between the sessions.



booking your session

  1. Choose your session and pay via the paypal button below.
  2. Email us and let us know some times/days that are good for you.  Suzan, our office and communication goddess, will set up a time for your session. When Chameli is  not traveling she in the PST time zone, so if you are in Europe we need to meet in the evening time for you.
  3. Suzan will also email you The Welcome Kit with all the call-in info and some question for you to answer. We like to have the Q&A back at least one day before your session.


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love notes

During my session with Chameli I wanted to work on my very deep emotions of feeling worthless. Chameli guided me deeper and deeper into these layers and I practically experienced how this specific issue dissolved into pure love and laughter! In fact, neither the word “worthless” nor the emotion or feeling of worthlessness was a trigger any more. We went on to another issue, and same transformation took place. I am forever grateful for this wonderful healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maria Vikman, Sweden. Founder,

I have had the great honor of having Chameli Ardagh as my mentor for many years now and it is not easy to in words describe the depth of impact and transformation that Chameli has had on me and my life. Simply being in her presence is transformative.
Chameli provides a space that is absolute in its awakening of uncompromising love as well as uncompromising authenticity within you. What could be a greater gift?
It’s through the love with which she holds you – that makes it safe for you to stand face to face with your own authenticity. And its through the authenticity through which she takes her every breath – that makes it impossible for you to deny the unconditional love that you yourself are.
Chameli is one of the very few teachers that I have ever met, who fully lives her spirituality with highest integrity, fully integrated in her everyday life.
She is a tremendous gift to women and the awakening in to our vast feminine heart and our outrageous power and truth.
Charlotte af Geijerstam
Actress & Coach, Los Angeles

Skype-sessions? Working with deep issues on the internet? Could that really be something?I must admit I was hesitating. But I wantet to continue my important exploration with Chameli so I decided to try – and WOW – it really worked!

It was like if she was right there with me, in the kitchen. Her strong presence, loving clarity and deep wisdom available for me, on a regular basis, in my own home.
And we could really work with anything; body-work, emotional release, guided meditations and spiritual practice.
These session served me deeply when I most needed it and I highly recommend it to my sisters in the process of awakening all over the world. Remember: we don´t have to do it alone!With gratitude and love
Carina-Maria Caur, director of Lifedancing-academy,  Sweden