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Praise from the Yogini circle



KirstenLeaning back into the support of a giant ponderosa. Attempting to integrate and give space to the magnificent ache in my heart. Every cell of my being is pulsing with deep love and gratitude for the luminous Chameli Ardagh and all of the precious women who have shared this journey with me. There is no going back, my life is changed forever.
Kirsten Warner
Yoga Teacher


Cynthia WI was flown on wings through so many of the meditations. Standing out for me was the incredible  strength  and  freedom of Durga meditation, the surprising calming effect of the  raining  hands down  from the  head and  what took me to an infinite  connection  was the  meditation  of  Stillness. I can not describe that experience with mere words. It  was  Visionary.  Having the  support of  the  group  opened up for me a new way  of seeing and  a community  that  I  have  longed  for ( wish I  lived   closer  ladies!). Chameli, you are a gift and have found an incredible way to share your Soul’s journey. We are the fortunate ones, thank you, for we have learned ways to begin and in turn, share this with other women.

The   gentleness, openness,  power , freedom and  unique ways  of  contributing  to the group  were as individual  as  each  woman  participant… and this was a important for the group, these different  strengths  and  ways  of  individual  flair. That  gave the  group a depth and intricate flavor. What more perfect way to combine, to support and increase and replenish the spirit than with such versatility, would that be possible?
Cynthia Welch “Soaring Wisdom”
Los Angeles,CA  USA
Artist/ Painter/ Awakening Woman


claudiaThis week I had so many wonderful experiences and insights which are a precious gift – for my own way of life as well as for the guidance of my women’s group that was born some months ago. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart and feel connected to all the sisters here and everywhere. My deepest gratitude to Chameli and the whole team.
Claudia Nora Rauch-Fitzsimons
Masseurin / masseuse

The training has pointed out to me the deep meaning of a women’s group. What the coming together is about and why the circle of women which I’ve already known through other settings is so nourishing and important for me.  Chameli’s very clear explanations as well as my own experiences that I was able to collect in the circle, have helped me to put all the parts of my experiences that I brought together to a picture  – to a first picture which will definitely grow and maybe change again….
Irene Fellner
Trainer and Coach



CatarinaAfter several years of my personal and spiritual journey, I came to a point where I felt I was trapped into a labyrinth of the question “Is this it”. The separation of spirit and life gave me a feeling of disconnection.

I still remember our first session. Even though Chameli was some 9700 km away, she guided me over the phone with such a presence.  That first session was an absolute turning point for me. A total transformation as she guided me to a new and undiscovered level of consciousness. Those 60 minutes was the beginning of an awakened and embodied journey in total connection with life as my spiritual path. Chameli is—with the ongoing sessions—a valuable guide for me in maintaining a high level of energy, staying awake as well as going for my commitments. I can really recommend this to other women who want to live an awakened life.  Chameli, thank you.
Catarina Olvenmark
HR Director


Laura B photoChameli is a true embodiment of the awakened feminine, and I highly recommend working with her. She holds a rare space of deep-rooted stillness, nourishment, understanding and clear insight. When I hit a crisis last year, I knew working with Chameli was just the medicine I needed. The miracles started to flow from the moment I signed up for the work. In the sessions, I felt such a depth of Presence from Chameli and such a safety that I was able to fully surrender through all my despair and come out the other side into a deep expansiveness of Love and clarity. In subsequent sessions, I took the core issues that had been on the rounds of workshops, satsangs and healers with me for many years on my journey ~ and they too dissolved.
Laura Berridge
Goddess Coach


Darlene AMagnificently the most powerful and best retreat/intensive ever — and I have been around the block a few times with spiritual experiences!  I thought the yogini retreat would be about silence, meditation, spiritual conversations — all what I am used to experiencing.   But what I received— freedom!

All of my senses were awakened in love and spiritual acceptance, and the power held within every one of our hearts was palpable. The space was so full of the Presence — and the liberation 7 generations back – and 7 generations forward was clairvoyantly visible.
Darlene Antoniewicz


Ewa WAt home…still with the smell of thyme, jasmine and lemon, from Paradise inside…Like fragments from a dream I see women from all lifetimes, moving softly in the morning mist. The wind in their white clothing and hair…the whispering voices, the breathing, the sound of sandals in the grass, while silently walking to the morning meditation and the Gayatri Mantra… All the songs, all the prayers, all the tears and laughs and wisdom we have shared…We have washed and strengthened our souls, opened the deepest rooms in our hearts, to BE the space we are – not only for our selves, but for all women and the collective consciousness… Magic.
Ewa Wilhelmsson


Monica KatarinaI’m so grateful for the simplicity the teachings create in me. Free flowing and acceptance. I have discovered that in resting with what is there is unlimited energy!
Monica Katarina Frisk, Sweden




CatarinaIt has been beyond my expectation! The combination of the different sessions supporting each other for the absolute perfect experience. Giving me the divine space (of feminine beauty, humor, sisterhood, music, touch, tears, love) to explore myself in a space where no words are needed. Such a healing of my feminine aspect. My inner Goddess feels free, alive and so willing to go back to the daily life as an inspiration to myself and other women.
Catarina Olvenmark, Sweden
HR Director


Candra6This was a deep plunge into the vast open space of love of my heart. It was a renewed encounter with the Beloved in all things and a wonderful relaxing into truth held in the present moment. I am empowered. I am grateful. I am in love, naturally.
Candra Karlholm, Sweden
Graphic Designer, organizer, workshop leader


Maria VTo step into leadership of my own life as a loving, empowered and joyful woman is a constant work that goes back and forth, year in year out, every day, every second. Sometimes I lose myself in too much work stress, irritation or frustration. It’s still like I need to go there to remember what is actually better and more healthy to do. This was my third year here in Corfu and I just want to say–the day when this retreat is not needed anymore, that is the day when all women are using these tools to live and lead their life in full potential. Thank you!!
Maria Vikman, Sweden
Director, Yours Truly Clothes


topphoto2For many years I have felt a lack of, and longing for, a wise woman in my life. In attending the yogini retreat in Corfu, I joined a world wide sisterhood of wise women that is held and nurtured and guided by the ancient and yet timeless mother of wise women, the circle. It is hard to convey in words the power of what happens in the circle through seemingly simple practices. For me it was a deeply embodied spiritual experience, a simultaneous blossoming from the inside out and unveiling from the outside in; all nurtured and nourished by the sacred embrace of the circle and loving presence of the women. This was not just a holiday to Corfu, it was a journey back to wholeness, to myself, to the loving presence that I am. Infinite gratitude to Chameli and her team for this priceless gift.
Kate Walker, Fethiye, Turkey/Brisbane, Australia
Devotee of Sacred Self Care



Milada KellerChameli and her teaching gives me the recognition, affirmation and tools I have been longing for as a woman. First most I am learning an unprecedented relation to my best resource—my body. To understand its rhythms, to give respect to the transmitted signals, to develop a friendly relationship with her, just to love my body.  The transformation does not happen overnight, but through the practices my body and being has slowly opened in ways I did not know was possible. My body and soul are back into harmony. Today I see my body as unique and I feel alive creativity in my work. I dance with silver strapped sandals in  love of my life, yeah!
Milada Keller,  Switzerland



Devika FossenTaking the step to join the spiritual cleanse December 2012 was a wise, wonderful move. The gifts I have received from the sadhanas throughout this amazing year is raw food for my soul and body, bringing deep nourishment, healing and sacred joy. Having now met so many of the sadhana yoginis eye to eye keeps bringing abundant gifts to my life. Starting my own temple groups here in the north is answering a call deeply received. I’m not feeling alone any longer, we are creating magic together – this sacred circle is a hot and holy love song! Chameli and team, my gratitude is beyond words… Namaste.
Devika Fossen – Bodyworker

Joos5Now, right after finishing my Sadhana on Lalita Devi with Chameli, I feel so present as me, in the fullness of love. Savoring every moment, cherishing every encounter. I am here on our precious earth, celebrating life, I feel so blessed by Chameli’s wisdom and soft, feminine energy. The sadhana was for me the fastest road to heaven on earth.
Joos Bouwmeester

1375179_10201991512647087_926228234_nthis word gratitude
is a humble, earthy word.

I am humbled into endless bows
by what you share
and how you share it
and how deeply it is possible
to receive.  Barbara Heile


I’m forever grateful for the circle of women around the world who have shared this experience of sisterhood through the vehicle of Awakening Women’s Institute. It’s as if my soul has been longing for this, craving this circle, this connection to a deeper part of myself. I’ve long lived in this experience of being a woman, not really feeling very connected to the feminine in it’s fierce form. It’s been a beautiful journey, through 3 of the 21 day virtual retreats, this last experience = the Inanna Sadhana decent and return. INCREDIBLE! I bow to the circle, and to all women who are in this virtual circle and to all women everywhere.
Janis M Desmond



My 21 Day Journey into the world of sisterhood, has left me full for the first time in my life.  I am immersed in love and support, and contained by the teachings.   The beauty of the poetry, writing, sharing, and images, resonates so deeply inside me, and carries me along on my soul’s journey.  I have learned to allow instead of force, to receive instead of push, to love instead of fear.   I am eternally grateful.  I have joined this sisterhood as a lifetime member.  Chameli is a gift to the world.

Karen Davis, Homeopath, Psychotherapist
Brunswick, Maine

Marianne bilde Medium Web view

Being mostly in favor of the masculine and the masculine consciousness, I have at last fallen in love with her. Fallen in love with the feminine. I have heard the call of the goddess and returned home. Cut my strings to the sky gods and walk free on the ground seeing the world with new eyes. This experience with all of my beautiful sisters of this magical circle has landed me into peace with all women including myself. My gratefulness is beyond words. Thank you Chameli for your Bodylove, your Soulpresence, and your Spiritual being, and for pouring it out on all of us.

Marianne Evina


headshotI’d like to share the most beautiful experience that I lived in my all life. My sitting in this Sadhana has produced a big transformation in my perception of the meaning of life and of myself, as woman. I have rediscovered the real meaning of being a woman and of the real power of Love. Now I know that never, never, will I be alone anymore. I have touched the Love and the Strength of the Feminine. Deep Bow. Paola Migliaccio. Counselor – Sostegno e Orientamento alla Persona.



Being with Chameli, even over the phone, is like being with a deeper, realer, more loving part of myself.  She speaks to my whole being, and I feel what she is  saying in my body, not my mind.  I couldn’t have said what I thought I would get from the Inanna sadhana . . . I was just drawn to it somehow.  And I’m not sure I can say what I got . . . in any way that my mind understands . . . things are deeper, slower, richer, fuller . . . Without saying anything about the mind, or making it wrong in any way, she just slips right by it in a gentle but purposeful way, and speaks directly to ME.  I think Chameli is the most authentic, embodied presence I have ever experienced – humble, but fully aware of and owning her power and the possibilities inherent in every moment.  Wow.

Amy Wallace, Author of Fear of Death:  Its about life, Actually, Let’s Talk about it,


ShianaI honor Awakening Women Institute, and the practices that are shared within. It is a rooted way of being that honors the life we are experiencing right here, right now. Rather than being a Guru/Devotee relationship, it is the awakened way for a woman to explore all possibilities, especially what is true in the moment. By participating in this program, I have increased my appreciation of the beauty around me, including appreciation of my inimitable self. I am learning and recognizing that we are mirrors of each other in our experiences, I am learning I am not alone! In this process, I have stepped into ways of moving beyond judgment, comparison or blame. This emotional support and nurturing, has created the opportunity to make friends from around the globe, and as sisters, we are awakening to a more wholesome way of being. It is vitally our time to do so.  

 Shiana Seitz


meI am deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Durga Sadhana. To take my seat in this women’s circle was a healing experience, and opened my Goddess practice in many new ways. The teachings from Chameli were so infused with infinite love, and so clearly reflected her wisdom about my woman’s soul, that it would cause me to weep some mornings when I read them. This sadhana has unclenched the fist around my potential to love myself. I feel the Goddess more fully in each moment now. I bow to Chameli in great love, and look forward to my next opportunity to participate in a sadhana with her and all the other wise women in the timeless circle!
J’aime Marx



Kathlyn HendricksChameli, I was thinking after the call last night that your having claimed your inner authority allows you to stand easily in your fullness and be right there meeting the world with SUCH openness and creativity. I so appreciate how your wisdom is wrapped in such grace and beauty. xox
Kathlyn Hendricks



Elisa Henderson ParkerChameli your were AMAZING last night at TEDxGrassValley. Your presentation was so powerful and left goosebumps. We are so fortunate to have you in our community. Thank you again. You are extraordinary.
Elisa Henderson Parker


TEDx Fantastic!
Brava ….
Linda Savitz

Shakaya BreezeDear Shining Chameli, your feminine beauty is a soft rose light of healing and inspiration for woman everywhere. Thank you for reading my book, and for the offering of your gracious testimony ♥ Shakaya
Shakaya Breeze



CiCi StewartThank you for the powerful presentation you gave last week at TEDx. It moved my soul and has been with me ever since. I look forward to knowing you and your family better.
CiCi Stewart




Mikaela MerlinaThank you Chameli for EVERYTHING that you are! I love you.♥
Mikaela Merlina






ArjunaDear Chameli, I am writing to tell you that I think I am falling in love with you. Again. Madly. I think of you all the time. By the way, these posts on Facebook are private, aren’t they?
Arjuna Ardagh




Dawn BreslinChameli just listened to your CD on Sensuality…it’s wonderful…you are a gift to the world. Your essence whispers softly to my heart – illuminating my essence and then impacting my teaching… I love your whole CD series, they are such fantastic value and they are loaded with wisdom and gentleness to transform the feminine…. A million thanks.. Dawn : )
Dawn Breslin Confident Living


Filippa WernerSweet Chameli
I would like to thank you for being you and for that bringing me such inspiration. Your presence is felt even through this very techie portal, it is a safe place to be in, a place where love and acceptance brings the longing to be a truer me to a must RIGHT NOW. May your 2010 be filled with every day miracles.♥
Filippa Werner



Dana Tate*tears* Thank you so much for your TEDx talk. That was the most beautiful and inspiring talk I have listened to in ages. You are loved.
Dana Tate