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My Extended Brain

First Friday if each month I meet with 5 women in a cafe in town for two hours. We are all women  on the feminine awakening journey and we all have our own business.

When I meet with them I tap into my extended brain. I have 20 minutes to brainstorm about an issue. It can be what title to choose for my new DVD, it can be an issue with employees, it can be how to  set up a blog etc.Then 6 brains work on the topic and it as we  tapping into  a “super brain”!

For me it has meant the world to have this group, I have had practical outcome from it, beyond my dreams.

Here is how you can create you own extended brain:

1) find 3-5 other women to play with. Women who wants to expand and share their gifts to the world.

2) Decide on a place and time to meet. Stick to the same time and day every month.

3)Divide the time you have on how many you are. One woman keeps time.

4) One woman share what she wants to focus on, what she wants feedback/advice/brainstorm on. about 5 minutes

5) The remaining of this woman’s time, go around the circle, one woman at the time offer what she wants to offer. You can open for more open brainstorm after that if there is still time.

6) Go around the circle until everybody have had their turn. One woman can choose to use shorter time, if she doesn’t have much going on at the moment.


With extended love