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120 women snowed in, in Germany

I have the best job in the world, for me, and it keeps getting better every single day. This weekend I am spending with 120 women gathering together to explore a more awakened, balanced, and blissful feminine. And outside the snow is falling, and falling, and falling…

And inside the women are opening, softening, expanding, sharing. After meeting with thousands of women like this in many different countries, I have hope, great hope for this world. I see that women can and will play an important role in bringing back balance to this precious world we share.

As I have told you before,w e are also making a movie about this feminine opening that is taking place, so more people will be able to take part.

What I also love about this gathering is that we ahve many very young goddesses here, so awake and open and ready to take the torch. Since I started on this journey in a very early age I am  used to be among the youngest in gatherings like this, and I am so happy and touched to see the nest wave of sisters stepping forth.

How can you bring more feminine qualities into your daily life…?

with love, always