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If I succeed will everybody hate me?

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Loved Chameli,
How can I protect myself against envy?
I have been working so hard and now I am successful, happy and able to do such beautiful work with my clients, my courses, my books and more…
I have been looking at envy and jealousy on my side in many ways, but I still experience that when I fully show up, or if I speak about myself, people begin to act in  that strange way towards me, and I have been attacked so often.
So sometimes I prefer to not even show up and not to tell what beautiful gifts I have. But I don’t want to hide all those gifts and myself…

Thanks for your support.



Dear Ursi,

Thank you so much for bringing this topic up! This is one of the major reasons women play small, as long as we play the mediocre game, we will not be a threat to anyone. Of course, we will not be an inspiration to anyone either.

As you step into the greatness, not only of who you are, but of that which flows through you, you will experience projections. Some will put you high up in the clouds, and then they will feel so small as they compare themselves, so they just have to trash you in order to feel their own power again.

When you play small to fit in or to avoid projections, you are fully hooked into the game. We take on different hats at different times, when we get too identified with the hats, it can create trouble. The freedom comes when you see that there is no such thing as higher and lower, that the teacher…the leader – is also a servant.  When you go to your hairdresser, she is the master, you surrender to her highest expertise. You wouldn’t want her to hold back her gifts would you? 🙂

My teacher, Shantimayi, shared with me one time that among the Native Indians they don’t see any higher or lower, and when they give honor to the medicine man it is because he has taken on that role for them all, and when they bow to him, they bow to the wisdom in themselves.

So Your job is to not get hooked in. Here are some tips:

~ Celebrate your commitment to sharing your gifts.

~ Always hold each person in their highest potential.

~ Be awake to the trap of being special. If you identify with being special, you will always have a relationship with the shadow side of that.

~ Contemplate deeply if there is such thing as higher or lower. See where you still carry hierarcy inside.

~ Set clear boundaries with people who are going through a projection process with you. This gives them space to go though the cycle without creating too much karma.

~ Connect with your purpose; it will humble you and keep you soft and transparent.

All the best to you, dear sister in light. Keep expanding into the infinite well of wisdom and creativity, which is who you are.

With Love, always


Photo: Bibbie Friman