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How do you keep the balance?

chamflowercropThe last days this has been my mantra, balance, balance, balance…On our new network site for women: Awakening Women Connect (contact us if you would like to join-its free) we have as one of our profile questions: How do you keep balanced? I drink in the inspiration and it looks like most women make sure that they connect with other women, and their bodies as a way to keep the balance.

I am so grateful for the soaring heights of creativity that I am humbly visiting in my life, and yet none of it would be possible without the strong soothing roots of the earth. Here in the stretch between the two is where I find my balance.

And in silence. In the pockets of non- doing, empty and full of potential.

Playing Mozarts requiem

In the kisses of the breath from the inside of my body

Flying high, deep roots