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Finally a usefull Facebook "gift"

girl powerIf you are on Face book, you have probably had the annoying experience of receiving different “gifts ” from people, and when you click on them you realize the gift is an image of a plant or a mandala or an Indian guru, and that you are supposed to send them on, and then…..what?
Luckily we figured out a way so that I don’t get these e-mails any more, so that took care of that part.

But we at the Awakening Women Office have a strong intuition that there is potential in the social online networks that is not yet released, and one of the potentials we figured out yesterday: The “gifts” can actually be made into practices. So we created the “An Awakening Women Practice” gift application.
This means that now you can send a practice to a woman friend that will awaken her, relax her and nourish her.
The practices start with: Sweet Sister….
and then it goes on to tell her one little simple soft thing she can do right away that will bring her out of her head and into her heart and body.
Go to my Face Book profile (follow link in the side bar), or search for “An Awakening Women Practice” among the gift applications at FB.
It is free and it will support your friend instead of annoying her!