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Dance as if you are already drenched in it!

Here is a a beautiful article from Liana and

Feminine Practice
Rain Dancing for Love

What would happen if you chose to enter into a rain dance? Rain dances are a spiritual practice embraced by the indigenous people of this lovely little blue planet.

The truth of a rain dance lies in its yearning truth of intensity.

Indigenous people aren’t praying, hoping for rain, they are already drenched and dancing deeply in it, they are jumping in puddles in celebration. This is a rain dance.

One of my most favourite Proverbs ‘When You Pray, Move Your Feet’ speaks so deeply to making a rain dance – it is an activity of prayer that you are participating in.

I once witnessed a skilled bharat natyam dancer who was considered an apprentice after 20 years of disciplined practice and I did feel the room fill with thick rain .In truth it felt like she was creating an etheric temple and it moved my heart so deeply.

How does a Dangerous Beauty Rain Dance for LOVE? without any apprehension!

Dance as if you are already drenched in it!