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Feminine Leadership is not defined by your job ~ it is who you are…

lisachamWe are in the exciting planning phase for our new leadership program for Awakening Women, Sweden, and in this process I am again and again faced with the question what is leadership exactly? This word is usually associated with people who are in leading positions in a company/organization, or who have their own company.

At Awakening Women Institute, we are defining and cultivating feminine leadership as a disposition to life. It is powerful qualities and skill-sets that we as women bring into our world. Leadership is qualities of influence, affecting our relationships, creativity, the way we relate to our body and emotions:
It is a way of life.

Here are 4 Powerful Principles of Feminine Leadership:

Compassion and Heart
Dalai Lama says that the future of the world lays in the hands of women, because women are the teachers of compassion. This quality comes natural to the feminine, but we have come to view this quality as ‘soft’ and therefore not suitable when it comes to being a leader. In our view, this quality is an important key to a new leadership for a new time.
One aspect of this leadership skill is to have enough space in yourself so that you can be truly present with another. This means that you can receive another without jumping into evaluation and reaction right away. We practice to “sit back in the saddle”, and to really listen with an open heart.

Higher Purpose
Why are you alive? What is truly important to you? What motivates you in the deepest sense?
The answers to these questions will guide you through the ups and downs throughout your day. When you connect with a purpose of service, you will no longer be a slave to your emotional roller coaster of one day feeling not good enough, another day feeling like a champion; all this get less important when you are connected with a higher purpose, your why. We don’t wait for that one day when we no longer feel fear, our sense of purpose is so strong that we do, ready or not.

Celebrating each other’s gifts
In the new feminine paradigm, we move beyond the old ways of competition and envy and back stabbing. We celebrate and empower each other. A good leader makes everybody good!

We Honor the Cyclic Nature of the Creative Process
I remember reading a quote for a giant motivational speaker saying: you have to improve yourself every single day! I get exhausted just by reading it…the Feminine knows in intimate ways how nature moves in cycles, and even in times when it looks like nothing is happening, or improving for that matter, important processes are taking place. We learn to listen and honor the pauses, the silence. We know that everything has its own time and rhythm and when we learn to dance with this, it saves us lots of struggle. You cannot press the seed up from the ground before it is ready, but even in the winter time deep underneath the earth, important growth is taking place,
In the same way when the big wave is rolling in, you want to be ready to jump on and surf it! We all know the pain of sitting on the beach procrastinating, watching the wave roll out without you…

Join us in bringing true feminine leadership back into the world

With Love, always