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Women's groups are not about exluding men

radakrishnaSome times people ask me if the practice we explore in our Women’s Temple groups, is an attempt to compete with men, or create a culture that excludes men.
This always makes me feel into the miraculous depth and love that  I experience in my marriage to Arjuna, and the role my practice with other women has played in creating our marriage.

There is no doubt in my soul that our practice brings healing, love and acceptance into the relationship between the genders, not to mention aliveness and attraction and respect!

It is hard for me to put in words exactly why the gatherings with only women has this magic effect, there is something happening that is beyond words, yet deeply recognized by those of us who experience it.
The way I feel it strongest in my relationship, is how my body has softened and opened through all the years it has danced and been lovingly touched by my practice sisters. This allows me to fully meet my beloved, to receive him deep into my very being, and to give him my love through my whole body. I also see how our relationship is supported by the Women’s temple group; every Monday I can go to an oasis of feelings and feminine flow and can return home glowing and filled to the brim with love and joy.
I feel very blessed to have Arjuna as my “practice partner”.  We have dedicated our marriage to the exploration of how awakening can be fully lived in the fire of intimate relationship, an exploration that keeps demanding total honesty and deep commitment from us both. This relationship I am living, makes me confident to tell women I counsel that “you can have the relationship of your dreams, it is possible”. Not because my relationship always is “happy ever after”, but simply because of our commitment and the simple practices we share, I experience again and again that the Deeper Love can live me, right now, just as I am.

In Love,

Ps: Arjuna and I love to create space for people, both couples and singles, to  explore how this Deeper Love can be lived in their own life, for real (next intensive will take place in Germany Nov-09) During these gatherings we are always spending some time in women’s groups and men’s groups so you can have a taste of how this can support your relating to the other gender.