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Awakening the Feminine Body



Imagine for a moment that you could see the earth from the outside, that you were in outer space, and could look at the earth. And imagine that you had super powers, so that your eyesight is exceptional.

You can not only see the earth but that you can also see all the life happening on the earth, all the human beings, all the animals, all the plants, all the elements. You see this wild outburst of creative energy, of life, throbbing, pulsating. And from this perspective, although you see all these different life forms, you don’t really see any individual personalities.

What you see is just this unfolding, creative unfolding of life, constantly growing, dying and reforming again. And the journey into the body, the journey into full, total embodiment is a surrender to this. It is in one way impersonal, but yet so intimate with the unfolding of life itself.

The journey to embodiment is a homecoming, not only to the personal body,  it is a homecoming in the most ultimate sense.

With Love, always