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My apology to the women of the world

bronzebuddha-transparentLast week we got a very heart warming e-mail from Geoffrey West who is the author of the book A Greenprint For LIFE. He wanted to share with us a piece from the opening chapter of his book and it is called “my apology to the women of the world”

Women, breathe deeply and receive these healing words:

My apology to the women of the world is as follows:  “To women around the world whose energies, skills, abilities and bodies have been suppressed, oppressed, and subjected to various forms of abuse, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual:  I offer my sadness and regret that your contribution to humanity’s evolution has been denied its fullest expression of the Divine Feminine within LIFE.  I’m sorry for whatever choices I have made that have perpetuated this condition, and I ask for forgiveness from the Divine Feminine worldwide. May we enter into a new harmonious balance of teh Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that honour the energies that are a part of both physical bodies in the creation of a new Earth.”
Geoffrey West
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