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Always Home

2814_162888205388_695920388_6665011_5844893_nI am traveling again; suitcases, airports, meeting old and new friends, jetlag. the last few days I have traveled up to the midnight sun up in Lofoten, an island group in north of Norway, where we had our wool sweaters on and ate fish in the sunshine at 3am among the most wild and majestetic scenery, and all the way down to Corfu in Greece, where I just arrived. Here the wind is embracing me as a gentle lover, and my whole body relaxes in the beauty of flowers and butterflies and bright colors. We are getting ready for our annual Paradise retreat!

When I move around like this I am again and again reminded of how I never ever leave the earth, and that she never leaves me. She is always right here under my feet, she is me.  I can release everything, every moment into her, no need to carry anything around. If I later on need it again, she is right there under my feet and I can open my body and breathe it into my whole being.

I look around me, look into all this beauty, the beauty of earth. I look into  the mirror. I celebrate beauty

In love, Chameli