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Unleashing the Most Powerful Love


How do we express our rage against injustice, without creating more separation and hurt?

This is a quest we as Awakening Women are called to investigate deeply, it is certainly something we keep exploring in our awakening women programs.

Many of us have adopted layers of concepts (also spiritual ones), which corrupt our natural ability to act with fierce love, directly from the core of our feminine heart.

It is natural to feel rage! But is it possible to be with this powerful aspect of the feminine without feeding into the cycle of hurt?

This takes practice, and an open moment to moment exploration. It requires a capacity to stay awake and present in the midst of the storm. To not give into the temptation to indulge in the stories of the mind, but stay stay stay, right here , feeling the feeling in its essence.

…and then the miracle, in the very midst of the feeling we most feared, the most powerful love is unleashed.

Below is a clip from the class Awakening the Fierce Feminine (available in CD/DVD/MP3) were we go deeper into this sacred exploration.

With Fierce Love




  1. rafhara says:

    Oh Michelle I love how you express the unspeakble so beautifully so true…..Why do so many women run from it!!!!???……I continue inviting a space to embrace and open…… is lonely…….
    oh I meet you there sister…..lonely…..

  2. Michelle says:

    My daughter and I had the honor of seeing Helen Thomas, legendary journalist. She spoke about how women have lost their fire. The feminist movement has been silenced. Women have to speak up for what is right…She is very old and feeble and with what strength she had she implored us to speak is up to the women for change to be made.

    It is sad to see that so many things that start out with a nice dose of feminine energy all seem to turn to the male paradigm..creating corporate like structures…hierarchies and cliques…yes, women are social creatures but the alienating cliquishness is not truly feminine and it is very sad to see how very easily it takes root amongst women.

    The ego seeks comfort and protection…the true feminine is so big so encompassing it does not fear…it expands and expands and encompasses…it is Mother…we come together to support the trust in this presence, this energy…

    Why do so many women run from it!!!??

    I continue inviting a space to embrace and open…it is lonely…

  3. Hualani says:

    Even the “pink light” of the New Age is surreal. It has been my experience that, unless these higher frequencies are grounded into embodiment – incarnating into the life and the Earth – no real, lasting and sustainable transformation can take place in the world. The same is true of the shadow both personally and collectively (which is a big domain to stand up in truth and say – I AM woman taking a stand for what is peacefully right in goodness and in harmony with all life.)

    To be fierce in our compassion – to speak from the depth of a clear loving heart – we must be fearless in our life and embodiment. Our heart longing calls us into the depths of our own anguish and rage, to face the storm of past stories and past ancestral lineages with courage and enduring grace, while our awakening sisters witness and
    celebrate our rite of passage into luminous splendour – re-membering ourselves once again. We are made for these times and thank God/Goddess we don’t have to do this alone!

    To be truly rooted in this world and fearlessly speak from the Mouth of the Divine, we must cultivate power from the Womb – tethered to the heart of the Earth and the core of the cosmos.

    May rainbow light wash over you
    and bless you Sisters;

  4. Sandra Pope says:

    Hi Chameli,

    As a survivor of physical and sexual abuse, it took me forever almost to discover that the difference between compassion and compliance! Kali energy certainly helps to clarify this as does embracing the Mary Magdalene as the divine feminine left out of the Christian story!

    I am so grateful for the emergence of all aspects of the divine feminine. That’s where my daily healing resides!

    My best,

  5. candy says:

    Oh yes, yes..this is so refreshing and so true. My mother used to talk about this, so much wanting there to be a way for women to express this power without destruction. In her generation it was not good ‘politics’ for a woman to be so fierce. And we weren’t allowed to be angry. And so our pent-up anger has often been destructive and without awareness. Good to be reminded that Kali and Shiva hang out together! And it is that very ‘anger’ which now through Love and Awareness must start being expressed. Your words are inspiring and give one Heart, that there is a possibility for what John Lennon said:
    ‘Women are the leaders of the world’.
    Our time is now.
    with Love,

  6. awakeningwomen says:

    to sing a song or two to stay connected…
    beautiful Mikaela

  7. awakeningwomen says:

    Kali’s Love is fierce, she is divinely pissed off. So in love with truth and fed up with the rest!

    Durga embodies the more gentle graceful ,cutting through, feminine empowerment, she has been my greatest teacher. But sometimes even she knows that a stronger force is needed, and she calls upon Kali Ma.
    To embody Kalis range is one of the more advance practices. Because to just vent and lash out and hurt, is not bringing more clarity and truth. Most of us have a rather complex relationship to our anger, we either surpress it, or we let it take over.
    Kali is always pictured together with Shiva, and he represent the aspect of ourselves that stays awake, present in the midst of strong feelings. Before he laid himself at her feet, Kali was drunk on blood and about to destroy everything (I think we all have been drunk like that).
    So our practice is to cultivate the capacity to stay awake and present in the mids of feelings, to have the capacity to let them be felt in the essence, and let it pass. The more we have practiced this “muscle” the more natural, direct and “non-sticky’ our response will be.
    Sometimes love is gentle, sometimes it is fierce. Just like the weather is sometimes sunny and sometimes full of thunder. Nothing is better then the other, just need different practice.

    In love

  8. Debra says:

    Thank you, Chameli for bringing this up.

    If I understand you correctly, in this piece, you speak about feeling rage and feeling “amputated and disconnected from the deep source of deep wisdom and feminine strength.” You tell a story of Kali Ma (original meaning is “black,” and now the meaning is “force of time”), who emerged from the empowering Goddess Durga’s forehead to confront and devour the powerfully fierce demon Raktabija and his duplicates that Durga was unable to subdue, for from each drop of Demon shed blood, sprang ten demons.

    I got that you are asking women to liken ourselves to Kali Ma, the “manifestation of compassion as she frees us from the prison of our own ego” (, in order to recognize and manifest our “fierce love” to protect other beings and ourselves.

    I notice I still feel an emotional conflict here. I find it easy to allow my fierce love to manifest. I’ve been working on transforming that fierceness and rage into what I think is a more compassionate and gentle love. Ah, there is my ego. Still working.

  9. Mikaela says:

    Dear Chameli and sisters,

    I have been reading most of your posts. Thank you for sharing with power and wisdom.
    This feels like an important topic that has crossed my mind many times on how to relate to the Holy rage without collapsing. I do collapse sometimes, mostly when I have escaped that feeling of rage for two long…

    My experience is that, that to become the peace Byron Katie talks about I NEED to be with or integrate/accept the Holy rage that awakens in me. When trying to keep it at a distance I feel stress and fear and become confused.

    There is a fine line between being with and collapsing into.
    I welcome PRESENCE and CLARITY and the PASSION of the heart to being able to stand with that power of the rage.

    To be with, like Durga dances the Tiger.
    To face the rage doesn´t mean to cling onto pain, but to release some of that PAIN that is existing on our planet in this time.
    Like getting a clear sight and with a clear sight I can walk freely even in darkness.

    I welcome the passion in my heart to guide me in creative work and sit by the fire and sing a song or two to stay connected.

    Love you all

  10. Amira says:

    Thank you for bringing forth this ancient wisdom… and in such a dynamic and effective manner. We as women must rise up and bring forth this New EARTH…… we hold the space to create and bring forth life in all that we do…. and to hold our position of TRUTH in all our relationships… Our Beloved is Always the ONE right before you…. and when we are present in TRUTH with all of our BELOVEDS, it changes everything… we can turn to LOVE….. if we move forward in every interchange with our highest TRUTH and ask that also of others…. It is nice to see a woman so divinely placed to bring forth these high teachings… And thank you to Maryanne Willamson,,,, I encourage everyone to read WOMAN’s WORTH…. and give it to their daughters….

  11. Kahshanna says:

    Thank you for the provocative topic, Cameli. I have my own fierce streak which meets with my wisdom, intuition and passion for advocating change…I am a shamanic healer and an actress and I do think often there is a message I receive which is to exist in a way as to make everyone else comfortable. I am working on creating a non profit geared towards young women being able to travel abroad and study energy medicine as an act to annihilate human trafficking. I recently wrote an article entitled ‘Child Soldiers In America’, moved to pick up the ‘pen’ as a means to express some of my experiences and that when a woman cries it should not be associated with weakness, but I have learned to own it, to look into the eyes of cynicism without shame knowing tears are a sign of true authentic expression and a woman willing to have the courage to be who she is. Our tears are an expression of radiance and of might…I see deeply the need for women to be recognized and honored for their duties served to this country even if they are not enlisted to any military or government structure. Thank you for sharing your clips.

  12. Naraya says:

    Dear Chameli,

    I came across you via Facebook and really enjoy what I’ve seen and read so far. The video clip is powerful – you speak as the ancients spoke, full of compassion and wisdom. what struck me most in your post is when you say: “To not give into the temptation to indulge in the stories of the mind, but stay stay stay, right here , feeling the feeling in its essence. …and then the miracle, in the very midst of the feeling we most feared, the most powerful love is unleashed.” This is my daily experience since meeting with The Journey by Brandon Bays. The Journey is a powerful step-by-step modality to dive into the core of any emotion and by diving in discovering THIS as your very essence. I’m happy to find the same “practice” in your work – it’s the path to liberation and empowered action! With Love, Naraya

  13. Niskriya-Elena says:

    Hello Chameli and thank you,

    I feel already so much support and strength through listening to you and reading the Feed Backs.

    I am living in Athens, just behind Parthenon, the temple of Godesse Athena, and i was often wondering why i can not leave this place, change neighbourhood, change country..

    Now i thing i know why. Since yesterday i realised that Godesse Athina is the symbol of the warrior woman that does not implicate pain and hurt but fights through her wisdom and her weapons are olive trees. There is this statue of her beating a Giant with her dress on which snakes are crawling, symbols of female energy and healing.

    And now listening to you about Kali and how she was born, i was reminded that also Athina was born from the forehead of Zeus.

    Both Kali and Athina are representatives of the female energy and the Fierce Love.

    Let’s keep their spirit and spred it out through our Gatherings.

    Love to you all sisters

  14. awakeningwomen says:

    Thank you for considering this so deeply, and for sharing your reflection. it all helps illuminate the multifaceted truth.
    I came across this quote by Byron Katie today, and I thought it would be great to give her voice space as well, here among sisters

    “I’ve heard people say that they cling to their painful thoughts
    because they’re afraid that without them they wouldn’t be activists for peace.
    “If I feel peaceful,” they say, “why would I bother taking action at all?”
    My answer is “Because that’s what love does.”
    To think that we need sadness or outrage
    to motivate us to do what’s right is insane.
    As if the clearer and happier you get, the less kind you become.
    As if when someone finds freedom, she just sits around all day
    with drool running down her chin.
    My experience is the opposite.

    Love is action.”

    ~ Byron Katie ~

  15. Ganga Fondan says:

    Hello Chamel,

    What a beautifully inspiring clip. One of our modern examples of how this fierce feminine response has transformed a whole community is in Hollow Water, a First Nations reserve 150 km north of Winnipeg Canada. In the 1980’s, it was estimated that 3/4 people living in that community had been sexually molested at some point in their lives and that 1/4 was an abuser. What started with a handful of women discussing the possible solutions for suicide and heavy alcoholism and drug abuse brought to the surface the real issue breaking down the community. It became a project with a small group of men and women and it was called “Commuity Holistic Circle Healing. It is a five year process that involves 4 circles: the abuser’s personal journey itself, this extends to the circle of the immediate family which starts its healing process, then extended family becomes involved and at last the offender communicates to the whole community and the decision of what happens to them next is up to the whole community. If a person does not last the circles, then the courts are involved and regualr sentencing takes place. It has been discovered over and over that once an offender sincerely completes this journey, his or her commitment to their own journey is heightened. Very few have ever offended again. In that community alone, not only did sexual abuse cases decline, but also substance abuse. If anyone wants to further information about this, read about Canada’s Aboriginal Recovery Movement in a book called “Where the Pavement Ends” by Marie Wadden. There is such tremendous hope and courage laced in every chapter of that of it.


  16. Thank you again for this “speaking” Chameli. For years now I have been studying/ teaching “Depth” Psycho-Spiritual dynamics (Shadow and particularly the shadow archetypes of the feminine). And I am in full alignment with what you are presenting. We cannot depend upon the “pink light” of the new age. We have become to comfortable in our cages of materialism. Lost, yes amputated, from our connection to our basic instinctual natures.
    The prospect of coming together again in our communities and doing Kali Puga, to awaken that aspect of ourselves to meet the changing times, the times that will require the best of our intuition and instincts. I envision groups gathering on the same night throughout the world, invoking the Mother Goddess in her Fierce Love, Kali Ma aspect, to awaken us to ourselves.
    Enlivening our capacities to BE the change we want in this world. We will have to become more unified in our endeavors to make our voice heard, above the “new age” paradigm of LOVE, above the comforts we have traded for truth, and above the current fear of the Animus (both in men and women).
    Your work is an inspiration to me and a tribute to the wisdoms that are seeking embodiment.
    Blessings and continued support to you and your work.
    Kathleen Bowman

  17. Leanne Bissell says:

    Chameli: Deepest thanks for this! The trouble with what is happening right now, is that “good” women cannot get on the same page with what is really happening. It is no different than Kali’s time. We have “demons” everywhere coming in all kinds of disguises( lots of it new age) to seduce us into thinking that everything is “okay.” It is not okay!!! Unless we stand up to the “plate,” we are going to lose everything. It grieves my heart to say this- women need to understand what the true spiritual battle is about these days. And it is not just about “creating your own reality” of comfort and materialism. No!! Alot is at stake. We need to be very clear about this. Thank you for this vehicle to express myself. Warmly, Leanne Bissell

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