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Unleashing the Most Powerful Love


How do we express our rage against injustice, without creating more separation and hurt?

This is a quest we as Awakening Women are called to investigate deeply, it is certainly something we keep exploring in our awakening women programs.

Many of us have adopted layers of concepts (also spiritual ones), which corrupt our natural ability to act with fierce love, directly from the core of our feminine heart.

It is natural to feel rage! But is it possible to be with this powerful aspect of the feminine without feeding into the cycle of hurt?

This takes practice, and an open moment to moment exploration. It requires a capacity to stay awake and present in the midst of the storm. To not give into the temptation to indulge in the stories of the mind, but stay stay stay, right here , feeling the feeling in its essence.

…and then the miracle, in the very midst of the feeling we most feared, the most powerful love is unleashed.

Below is a clip from the class Awakening the Fierce Feminine (available in CD/DVD/MP3) were we go deeper into this sacred exploration.

With Fierce Love