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Fill up your inner well. For the sake of all.

3081_71062808379_601893379_1729444_7739101_nAn awakening woman is prioritizing self care.  And she is committed to visit what we call the Feminine Base Camp on a regular basis

The Feminine Base Camp is a place of priority within yourself. How it takes form will be individual to all of us.

When mountain climbers climb Mt. Everest, the first thing they do is to set up a base camp where they have their food, their oxygen and water.  This is where they gather strength where they rest and are fed before they climb the highest peaks and this is where they return to rejuvenate after they have been working hard with their bodies.

Just imagine a moment a group of mountain climbers climbing up Mt. Everest and they skipped this step of setting up the base camp.  Now they may reach far up the peak, even to the top, but just imagine what shape they will be in on the way down.  Most probably they won’t make it.

Now this can seem like a dramatic metaphor but somehow we women need strong images to wake us up from the trance of taking care of everybody else first.

Imagine for a moment a world where women are 100% committed to taking care of themselves first, and they do this for the sake of all. Imagine a world full of women who are overflowing with energy, with health, women with the inner well filled to the brim and beyond. Imagine how we all would benefit from this.

A fulfilled woman who has fully taken care of herself, will want to give from her overflow because it is so natural for the feminine to give.
Giving gives us deep, deep pleasure.
But because we are not taking care of ourselves, we are just giving, giving, giving we get dried up and exhausted until we say, That’s it. I don’t want to give any more! And now every body suffer.
The feminine flourish in the flow of giving and receiving, giving and receiving.

Take a moment now and feel into what nourishes the feminine in you. It takes a conscious commitment to shift old habits. Just see if you can find a place in yourself were you can feel an opening, a commitment to a world of happy full-filled women, beginning with you. Breathe into that place, give it oxygen, let it expand.

My main feminine base camp is my Women’s Temple group, we meet weekly, basking in the feminine flow (do you want to create your own Women’s temple group take a look at the Temple group manual). The weekly trip to the farmers market with all the beauty and abundance of mother earth is also  a source of rejuvenation for me. So is reading novels, and walking in the forest behind my house. To sit in silence, to pray, to cook, to dance.

See if you can commit to one thing you can do for yourself today that will fill up your inner well. For the sake of all.

In rejuvenation