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In dream-time we gather, wise women, wild hearts.
Was it you I saw, out there among the stars,
ecstatically stomping your feet to the rhythm of their steady chant?
Was it your roar I heard echoing from the mountains?
Was it your touch that melted my skin into honey?
Did you call me closer,
did we rest together in the elephants eye?
Was it you?

I once had a dream where women ( millions of us) marched in Silence. Not a word was spoken. What was powerful was the silence. Nothing needed to be said.
In the Silence, everything could be heard from our collective heart.

I had a dream once where we women were digging up the future from the ground- and creating it- as we dug, with our imaginations.

I had a dream about a wonderful river going upwards to the sea (not down) with people filling in from every direction, making a great surge, everyone laughing, and everyone contributing.
I heard/knew “this is everyone’s contribution to the new humanity and earth…so many are doing so much, each piece is needed, no one person can do too much, but so many are doing something, and it is adding up!

I had a dream once where there were a long long line of women carrying torches in the dark.

2814_155136310388_695920388_6519473_4759061_nDo you remember any of our gatherings in dream time? Do you want to tell the world about them?

I am collecting these kind of dreams, the ones that seem to be messages/ images from our collective soul and beyond. I don’t know what and how it will all weave together, maybe i will share them here on the blog, maybe it could be a book…
You can e-mail your dream to me, remember to add your contact info.

Maybe you are about to enter a dream like this tonight or in the next nights?
Here is a Dream Practice you can do:

  • Put a piece of paper and pen next to your bed so you ate any time can reach out and write down what you remember.
  • Before you go to sleep, take a moment to feel the weight of your body, the breath moving through the body, to become present. Now hold the intention that you are open to receive, that you are ready to listen. Breathe into your intention until you fall asleep.
  • When you wake up, reach for your pen and paper and begin to write. Even if you can’t remember any dream, just write and see what comes

See you there, in the dream time gathering!

In Wisdom,


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The dreams are collected from our global  Women’s community on Face book. Thank you to:
Leanne Bissell can be contacted on Facebook
Ann Crary’s art can be found on (click on washington state, and scroll down until you see her name)
Robin Rice :
Margaret Motheral :