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Making Love with Life

6093_121268151635_526776635_2834266_2639213_nWhen I look around me at the way our culture relate to sex, I get sad. And I must admit it, a bit scared.

If the way we display and speak bout sex at all reflects how most people have sex,  we have some major collective wounds to deal with.

It is a paradox how much sex there is every where, yet it is still one of our major taboo areas. It is as we push our sexuality down into the basement, and there in the shadows it gets to have its own unconscious life, until it is reflected back to us. And this is where it gets scary; it is this reflection that gets to define our collective sexual identity!

Women report to me that they no longer can feel their own sensuality or sexuality, they are too tired,  and disconnected. Dried out are words I hear often. When they look outside to find some connection, they find a sexuality were women are mostly the object of men’s sexuality. When I worked as a therapist for teenage girls they told me that the way they could feel sexual at all was through the lust of the boy. When he wanted her , she could feel exited. She felt her sexuality through him.

In my work I also meet thousands of women who are exploring sex in a authentic and joyful way. In the Feminine Awakening Journey we drop into our sensual body and we begin to feel alive again,  to feel ourselves again,  from the inside out.

Feminine Sexuality is in its essence very innocent and playful and real. It is a deep surrender to the life force itself, in what ever form that takes.  Feminine Sexuality is not limited to an activity in the bed room,  a deep breath can bring sensual pleasure.  Why not be turned on right now?

Bring your awareness into the body as it is sitting here.

Become aware of the sounds around you, feel the sounds with your whole body. As if your body is one big ear. Let the sounds tickle you.

Allow the breath to sink, to drop, deeper and deeper into the belly. Feel as if the breath is kissing you from the inside. Let it drop all the way down into your pelvis. How much do you allow the breath to penetrate you? How much can you relax open?

Now notice the atmosphere inside you. Would you agree that you are stronger and more alive? Would it be possible to relax all the complexity around sex, and just be and breathe and shine?

(Of course it is a whole other level to explore, when we choose to share this space with another person. When we invite another all the way in to our most intimate sphere. That is another blog post though.)

To Our Glorious Sexuality,

Chameli- Making Love with Life