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chameliwithboyinblueI have been offering a special 4-session package in August/September for women who want to go deeper in their lives. It has been truly wonderful to see the results that these courageous women already are seeing in their lives.

As you know I have created the Awakening Women work (together with all of you!), and many of you also have met my husband and know that with him I have created a marriage dedicated to awakening and the deeper love, and I promise you that all this did not happen without support! I have always made it a point to seek out the best teachers, mentors and coaches, without them I would not be where I am today.chamboyinblue2

Remember you don’t have to do it alone! My passion and expertise is to support committed women, just like you, who want to contribute without having to compromise your balance and health, you relationships or connection to spirit.

If you long for a kick-start into a new level of honoring yourself,  join me for this last chance to book this late summer special!

We will work in the areas where you feel a longing to expand and grow, or where you feel blocked and stuck. Through gentle but powerful release work will clear the limiting patterns that hold you back.

Last chance to book our August/September Special! Read more here:

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