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Celebrate it!

6a00e553dbd93e8833010534b16cbc970c-800wiHave you noticed how a to-do list just keeps filling up, how things do get completed but the focus tend to be on the next task waiting to be done.

This is the linear world as our left brain sees it, always heading for the goal, and the body just has to tense those jaws and do its best to keep up to speed.

How is the feminine doing in all of this? I asked my inner goddess, and she just sighed deeply and reached into her little medicine purse. Take this, she whispered, at least 3 times a day, and you will be well.

Do you want to know what the medicine is?


Yes , celebration that is.

When you finished a task, celebrate. At the end of a project, celebrate. At the end of a day, celebrate. When you receive money, even just finding a coin on the street, celebrate!

This will wake you from the trance of never enough. In celebration we enter the world of abundance, now. We enter the next moment from celebration, and of course it will affect how this next moment will unfold.

In celebration the body gets the signal that the urgency has passed, it can let down the guards, and it will stop producing stress hormones. And it gets even better than that; when you celebrate by nourishing yourself, your body will now produce oxiticin, a hormone that is crucial for the feminine health and sense of well being.

How do we celebrate? Its can as simple as taking a deep breath and speak an internal johoooo! It can be to do a little happy dance, or to put your hands in the air and shout YES! It can be to fall on your knees and say you thanks with passion, or even better to sing them! You can give your self rewards, after each completed chapter of your book, take yourself out for dinner, or to the movies. Or maybe you like to read a novels  and when you have completed a big thing on your to do list you get to have a reading break. Maybe you can have a day of complete silence after finishing a stressful period.

Sometimes  celebration is like a muscle we have not used enough, so it is  a bit weak. So make it your spiritual practice. Commit to it for a while and see how it slowly becomes a way of life.

I would love to hear how it is going, and if you can share your favorite ways of celebrating.

And now….

(I will make myself a cup of tea in my favorite tea cup, and sit and smile for a while.)

Celebration time!