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Eyes Wide Open


Have you noticed that whenever you set out to create a new project or enter a new relationship, or you begin to write your book or you begin a new job, when you step into a bigger version of yourself. Have you noticed that it doesn’t take long before certain thoughts appear? Thoughts like, when he really gets to know me, he will leave
or I’m a failure
I will never get it right.
I will never get what I want.
I have to sacrifice myself for love.
I can’t have it all.
Work needs to be a struggle to be real.

Sounds familiar? These are what we can call our limiting beliefs. Some people call them negative beliefs.
We have beliefs about everything, not only negative ones,  we have our opinion of who we are in the world and what we believe in. When we put all of these beliefs together, we call it a belief system.
A belief system is like a filter through which we experience life. It is as if we have glasses on and we see life through the glasses. Life will look a certain way depending on what glasses we are wearing.
I remember the first time I traveled to Asia. I was only 20 and until then, I was unaware of any glasses. I looked through the glasses onto what I just thought was reality.  On my travels I met people with completely different glasses than me and my world was turned upside down. What I thought was reality, I realized, was my cultural conditioning. It was my glasses.
A vast space opened within me, along with questions like, how many realities are there? How many versions of life on planet earth are there? For a moment, I had a glimpse of reality without any glasses and it was life shattering.

For many of us when we become aware of limiting beliefs, we seek out methods or techniques to change the beliefs. If we wear glasses that are a little dark or grey or gloomy, we do practices so that we can change the color to more of a pink and glowing color. Now of course, the world looks different, it’s more pink and glowing, but we are still looking at the world through glasses!

How would it be to take off the glasses all together? How would it be to experience reality without any of these filters?
This is the direct experience we will sooner or later face on the journey to the awakened feminine. And even if it’s only for a glimpse, only for a moment that we experience life without any glasses, it can never be unseen again.

With eyes wide open