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The feminine soul is smiling behind her veils

IMG_0250Honoring the wisdom of the sacred feminine does not require us to join any cult or religion. We don’t need to dress or move in a certain way, or to follow strict rules or dogmas.

The sacred feminine does not abide in a book or temple. She is right here in the expression of life itself. You may perform your daily dance on high heels, on Wall Street, barefoot in the forest, alone in your artist’s studio, or among shouting children in the kitchen. Wherever you are, the wisdom of the feminine is available to you in every moment.

To join hand with her is to open a gate to the wisdom of nature, you are returning to the wisdom of your own feminine roots.

Once again you are listening to what you know, in your bones and in the very depth of your soul, to be true. You can again feel your feet on the ground, and know yourself to be interconnected with everything.
When we listen carefully to our Mother Earth we can hear the calling for a spirituality that embraces both the masculine and the feminine. For this marriage to emerge fully from the shadows, women will have to hold sacred the wisdom that would otherwise invariably be crushed.

Luckily, the sacred web of life has always supported the feminine, despite times of oppression and fear-based propaganda. At times women have been told that our natural wisdom, our connection with the earth and our bodies themselves, are the makings of the devil.

At other times we were even told that spiritual freedom is only for men, that all we hold sacred is merely a distraction.

Some of us have been advised that we must choose between having a family and a spiritual life, that the formless source is more valuable than its various manifestations. “Be aware,” they said, “the flesh will lead you astray.”

Others were just stretched too far, trying to be there for everyone, desperately running between the homemade muffins and board meetings. Lying in bed at night, feeling our hearts tighten like fists, we were whispering prayers in the dark for just a little bit of time to listen within.

Through all this, the feminine soul was smiling behind her veils, preserving her jewels for a time when they could truly be seen.

This is a taste from my book about feminine spirituality “Come Closer-Spiritual Awakening for The Feminine Heart”