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The unmistakable fragrance of the Goddess.


Here we are; both following well- trodden paths deep down in our soul, and at the same time fumbling our way, to bring to manifestation the union and wholeness of our spirituality in a way we have never seen before. We are being called upon to deeply question our familiar spiritual maps, do they fit the new landscape emerging before and within us?

Women everywhere are making sure that the new maps will be drenched in the unmistakable fragrance of the goddess.

Some of us are taking our first baby steps in embodying Her; many of us meet in wisdom circles mirroring each other, encouraging each other. Everywhere she is, ripe and ready to be recognized for what she is; the divine in form.

We see the sacred feminine in the sparkle in a woman’s eye, in the caring for those we love, in the rage against injustice, and in the unconditional love for it all.

She is found in swaying hips, in belly laughter, as well as in the bottomless grief for innocent children being abused and hurt.

She is found in the tender kiss planted on a lover’s neck, in the throbbing heart that has just enough trust to expose itself.

She is found in wild storms and in this crisp autumn morning.

She is there in the depth of your longing, in nursing breasts, in rotting leaves, and in the voice that whispers the truth.

She is the one who shakes you when you live in compromise, and the one who dances with you in your ecstasy.

The goddess is all forms, wild and colorful, deep and constantly changing shape, unpredictable and utterly free.

She is the voice that chooses love above all, while excluding nothing.

This is a taste from my  book about feminine spirituality; Embodying the Feminine

On the photo:  Swedish Awakening Women Goddesses- Carina- Maria Caur & Anitha Wiger