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Green Tara~ The Lady of Courage


Dear Chameli,

These days I am attracted by the Green Tara I don’t know why. I remember  you telling us  that when we look at her statues we will notice  that her upper body looks as it is in a “strange uncomfortable” position, but it looks this way only because she is not sitting still, she is moving, dancing while sitting.

I sometimes notice that I am stuck in energy that doesn’t move and yet there is something that wants to move…it seems that I have to be still until the movement arises…

I am singing her Mantra repeatedly with YouTube, this helpes me.  A question is arising: It is written that she is helping to overcome fear, anxiety and grant wishes. Can you say something about grant wishes…I don’t understand that, and can you say something about green Tara for me, please?


In the Buddhist tradition it is said that Tara is in every woman, and the way we are practicing with her in the Awakening Women gatherings is to explore that aspect of the feminine she represent, within ourselves.

The Green Tara embodies the fearless and protective aspect of the feminine, but it is not courage which resists fear. If you think of fear and courage as two ends of a spectrum, we need to be willing to move through the whole range.

When we resist fear we will mostly hang out in the fear- end of the spectrum, pushing against fear. We will never be able to fully step into the other end of the spectrum, into the full potential of courage.

When we relax our resistance to fear, we can move freely through all the aspects of the spectrum, and we will even be invited into the glorious realm of the Green Tara, the total fearlessness.

She has one hand in a hand gesture that  is said to remove fear, the other hand leans on her leg, with the palm up. This symbolizes that she gives blessings and grant wishes.  Tara is a mother goddess, this means that she embodies the abundant benevolence of nature. For Budhists she symbolizes that  source which responds to our prayers. She comes in many different colors and each one have their own area of expertise. It is said that if you are starting a new project, or are traveling, Green Tara is the lady you will want to speak to.

I have recorded a whole class on Green Tara and this aspect of the awake feminine, it is available on DVD, CD and MP3. Below you can see a clip were I tell the story about how Tara came into the world.


Om Tare,


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