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An Inner Leadership Practice

yoginifeet170I am packing this morning, and I am  soon off for the airport again. This time I am going to Germany. It takes extra practice to stay balanced during traveling and intense teaching schedule. Below is one of my favorite feminine leadership practices:

Dropping the awareness down into the pelvic floor

Dropping even deeper down, including in your awareness the surface underneath your body, the floor, and even the earth.

Imagine a point in few feet/one meter, into the earth, right underneath the body.

Now imagine that you are breathing up from this point, and into the body. Filling the body with this peaceful, deep alive earthy quality of the earth.

On the out breath, dropping down into the earth with your awareness.

How is it to move around from this point of gravity? To speak and to listen?

I make it a practice to make this connection before I move out into the world.

In gratitude to the earth,