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Women are the teachers of compassion

IMG_2816The Dali Llama says that the future lays in the hands of women, because women are the teachers of compassion.

Compassion, caring and unconditional love, are all qualities very close to the woman’s heart. They are natural to us.

Yet we have come to view these qualities as weak, or soft, they don’t have any place out in “the real world”, in leadership, in political interaction or business transactions. They are qualities we keep at home.

It is obvious to me that the time is calling us women to step forward,  to bring these qualities into every interaction we have as human beings on this planet today. Not only with each other, but also with our earth and the other beings that we are sharing our earth with.

Many of us have closed our hearts because of being hurt in the past, being taken advantage of when we were giving and we didn’t receive anything back. In closing our hearts, we think that we protect ourselves, but the truth is that in closing our heart in this way, to stop giving, we are amputating the very source of nourishment and expansion in awakening and rejuvenation of our feminine being,
So instead of closing our heart, as Awakening Women we are learning how to live in the world with a broken heart.

Lets move to the heart.

Yours Chameli