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The Women's Temple group


For the balanced feminine to blossom it is helpful, and in our experience crucial, to create and sustain women’s circles that truly nourish us in the deepest sense. Instead of enforcing the status quo by focusing on our problems and personal shortcomings, circles like this connect us with truth beyond our fears and limited self-images. From this deeper place we can effortlessly radiate clarity and guidance instead of exhaust ourselves in trying to be leaders from a tense, competitive and ego-centered state of mind.

The Women’s temple is not a therapy or a support group. It is a space were we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other. A space were we can drop our masks, and let the beauty of our authentic face to be seen. In all its glory and pain and passion and vulnerability.
In our Women’s temple we meet beyond the personal, and in this expanded meeting the collective feminine as well as the personal is healed and celebrated.

The Women’s Temple is sometimes happing in the homes of the women, sometimes in rented rooms. Sometimes it is a closed group, sometimes it is open for all. Sometimes the group meet weekly, sometimes less often.

We honor and treat our temple as sacred. We enter it with reverence and with the intention to be as true aswalkingmed we can. All superficial chit- chatting we leave outside, in our temple we explore how it is to speak from a deeper place within, and most important of all we explore how to communicate without speaking at all.

All our practice is based upon being present in the body, so we spend a lot of time, dancing and moving. We also support each other in soften our bodies by touching each other in respectful and nourishing ways. This part of the practice is most women’s favorite part…

In the Nevada City Temple group we have been practicing together for four years, and through this process a remarkable tapestry has been weaved between us which is embracing us through our lives also outside of temple. We have been there for each other, when one married her beloved, another got divorced, several books have been published, and businesses have been started. New houses has been built, and one sister died from us. We have been wailing and raging, and dancing and celebrating. Together.

Do you have the longing to be part of a group like this?
Check the list of already existing groups to see if there are already one happening in your area.
If not maybe it is up to you to create a group where you live. Come back for usefull tips of how to do it, or you can go to our shop and order the e-book: How to Create your own Women’s Temple Group