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The Gift Of the Mother~ a Practice


This practice will open to a more intimate relationship with Mother Earth, Gaia.

In the Andes Mountains, the indigenous people have a practice of bringing gratitude to the food.

When they eat they open themselves as if they are fed by the Mother.

When they drink their thirst is quenched by the Mother.

When they open their heart in gratitude like this, the earth and nature will reveal secrets to them through the leaves, through the shadows over the meadows, through the ripples over the water.  Just because they have opened their hearts and tuned in, they will be able to receive wisdom and to communicate intimately with the Earth.
This practice is to not only bring gratitude to your food, but to be very aware that you are being fed by the Mother all the time.

When you drink, notice that you drink from the Mother.

When you walk, notice that you are held, supported by the Mother.

When you breathe, notice that you are being breathed. You are so supported by this loyal breath.

Simply through your receptivity you will open for her wisdom and her communication deeper than the intellect.


In gratitude,