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The Awakening Women Way


As an effect of thousands of years of imbalance toward masculine, left brain values, many women today often find themselves in a severe state of disembodiment and inner tension.

We may experience success in life but the price we pay is often that we move around with parts of our being and bodies frozen in involuntary “shields” of protection that sabotage our relationships and even our connection to the sacred.

Many of us have turned to different spiritual traditions to quench the thirst of our souls, only to find ourselves estranged by the same emphasis of masculine values.

At AWI we explore empowerment beyond the fighting and competitive mindset that says, “we can do it as well as men.” Feminine empowerment the AWI way is a relaxed and aligned state of being that transcends power games altogether.

We explore spiritual awakening beyond dusty dogmas and far fetched goals of the future. Awakening from the AWI perspective is a fully embodied realization of freedom and love uniquely experienced and expressed through each woman.

In the AWI trainings your feminine wisdom and beauty are celebrated and honored.

Your body becomes soft and radiant again as you learn to listen to the gentle whisper of wisdom from within. By doing so, this experience is anchored in the body so that it is always readily available to you as you move through your life.

We learn not only to listen, but also to speak and act with clarity and truth from this inner guidance so that we can be shining examples of feminine awakening and empowerment in our world.

In our trainings, you are invited to reclaim, honor and embrace the wild beauty of a full range of feminine feelings, from the most gentle to red-hot fierceness, bringing healing into the world from this untapped well of wisdom.

We would love to hear your comments on how The Awakening Women Way has effected you in your life.

With love always


Photo: ‘The eye of the Goddess” ; Mikaela Larm