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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Can't she be a bit nicer?

On Sunday (12/13/09), the New York Times Book Review offered a brief take on Malalai Joya’s A Woman Among Warlords:  The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice.  Times reviewer Marc Tracy seemed to like the book OK, with a few notable caveats. Tracy feels that Joia’s  “tendency to choose rageful [Read More…]

Singing Prayer

The beauty and devotion in Modous voice,  touch me so deeply. I am honored to share it with you. Chameli [youtube=]

Making Love with Life ~ A Feminine Practice For You

Notice how your breath enters the body. Begin by noticing the breath coming in through your mouth or nose and going deeper inside of you. Rest your awareness in the sensation of the breath. With each breath you relax your body a little bit more and allow the breath to enter you a little bit deeper. [Read More…]

Practicing Peace – A 30 Day Plan for Thriving During Challenging Times

Presence of Peace Today we will be inspired by a guest blog by Shiloh Sophia McCloud Practicing Peace is a DAILY walk with mindfulness that takes less than 20 minutes and WILL change how your day goes. Guaranteed! Materials Needed: A Journal The following practices are to be done daily, with the intention of [Read More…]

Do I breathe it? Do I meditate on it? How do I REMEMBER?

Here is a question from Meg. If you would like to  ask something go to the “Ask Chameli” Page. Q: First, thank you for your site, your blogs, videos, etc….I found you on Face Book – and applaud your helping women around the world regain our power! My question is what is the best thing [Read More…]

A Modern Man

I got this video from my friend Brooks Cole, it made me laugh deep from the belly. Now I want to share it with you… In love with this crazy fragile humanity, Chameli [youtube=]

The Power of Appreciation

One of the most important practices we teach in our Deeper Love Work is the practice of appreciation. Often times we have a tendency to focus on what is not working in the relationship, and of course … what you focus on is what you will experience. When you consciously focus on that which you [Read More…]

Home again

Dear Awakening Women, It has been a while since I have been writing, but I promise you that I have kept on deepening in the awakening women practice, and I can’t wait to share it all with you. I have spent the last weeks in Germany, meeting with women there. First in  a lovely Temple [Read More…]

Divine Feminine at the Parliament of the World's Religions

Every five years The Parliament of the World’s Religions brings together spiritual leaders from around the globe. It was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and to foster a just, peaceful and sustainable world. The Parliament took place this year in Melbourne, Australia, December 3-9th, and the Divine Feminine was  [Read More…]