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Home again

Dear Awakening Women,

It has been a while since I have been writing, but I promise you that I have kept on deepening in the awakening women practice, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

I have spent the last weeks in Germany, meeting with women there. First in  a lovely Temple Day in Munchen, and later in the Temple Group Training. There are always new levels of learning happening in this work both for me, the staff and the students. It is wonderful to know that the women will go back to their home town and start leading groups, inviting more women to experience the power of the Awakening Women’s community.

Arjuna and I also thought our annual Deeper Love Retreat there, and to me this was the deepest we have done so far. I am so touched by all these people gathering to explore love. It gives me hope. The next Deeper Love Retreat will happen in Hawaii, join us if you can!

Soon we will begin the first 9 month Awakening Women program  in Germany. It is for women who really want to comitt to a deeper level of practice and want to have the support of a community of dedicated women. We have already a wonderful group of women who have enrolled in this program, I promise it will be a deeply transformative  process.

Now I am back home in N. California, listening to the storm outside. Our house is so warm and beautiful with the fire and candles and Christmas three. Angel, our cat is in bliss, and so am I.

Deep exhale