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The Power of Appreciation

One of the most important practices we teach in our Deeper Love Work is the practice of appreciation.

Often times we have a tendency to focus on what is not working in the relationship, and of course … what you focus on is what you will experience. When you consciously focus on that which you appreciate in your partner, that is what you will experience, more and more.
We suggest to make it a practice to say five appreciation each day. Of course when you begin to feel the effect you will want to do it more.
In my own marriage this practice has brought a flavor of celebration to our everyday living together. I am in deep gratitude to Guy and Kathleen Hendricks who inspired us, seeing them together opened my vision of what is possible.
Ready to commit? Five Appreciations a day, to your partner, your children, your co-workers, or why not to yourself?

If you take the time to watch the wonderful short film below, you will be inspired I promise you.

I appreciate so much that you took the time to listen to me!


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