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Do I breathe it? Do I meditate on it? How do I REMEMBER?

godward_nerissa1Here is a question from Meg. If you would like to  ask something go to the “Ask Chameli” Page.


First, thank you for your site, your blogs, videos, etc….I found you on Face Book – and applaud your helping women around the world regain our power!

My question is what is the best thing for me to do (I’m 49) to LIVE IN my feminine power all day long?  How do I remember the Goddess I am – and use that power to bring love and light to everyone I meet…..Do I breathe it? Do I meditate on it?  How do I REMEMBER, at those times when I feel overwhelmed, or unappreciated – that I am the giver of life -I am the one who consoles, I am the one who handles *everyone’s* problems…..

But, how do I handle MINE???? while keeping and using the wonderful gift of being feminine ….

hope this makes sense? Thanks again!

Love and light,


Dear Meg,

I guess you can feel that it is truly my pleasure to be involved in this Awakening Journey together with a world wide circle of women. It is my greatest joy.

and your question put so clearly into words the very core of our practice; the Feminine Awakening Journey is about embodiment, right here in the midst of it all. It is an ongoing journey that does not bring us to any future destination or goal, instead we learn to open to this moment right here, just like this.

Our Practice is not to change or fix ourselves, or to reach any perfect place. Our practice is to remember, as you so beautifully express it.

Each moment brings us new challenges and opportunities so there are no quick fix or recipes. But there are some components that we focus on the Awakening Women work :

Body: we do practices to connect with the body, to nourish the body, to soften the body. The feminine body is such a wise teacher. Can you set aside 15 minutes a day for your body? Dance with closed eyes, let your body move you, or take a hot bath with rose-oil and feel your sensuality, or walk in the forest feeling the nature with your body, are you breathing with your belly?

Feelings: We live in a culture were we have a quite nevrotic relationship to our feeling world. We surpress or act out. In our practice  we learn to be with our feelings with confidence and trust. We learn to feel with out being too attached to the story around the feelings. There is a practice we call Feel-Kiss Flow, it is very practical and you can use it any time during your day. Here it is:

[youtube=] Community: You don’t have to do it alone. In my life this is the most important aspect of why I am able to share and live and embody the feminine to the degree I can. Everything I teach and share is the fruit of my own practice with and the support from my Women’s Temple group. Every week I go and fill up the well, and of course after many many years of putting my body in these circles, it has become soft and receptive. If you don’t have a women’s group or don’t want that right now, you can connect with an expanded women’s circle by sharing here on this blog and in our FB community and you can be supported that way, just by being “tapped in”

Feminine Leadership includes all of the above. We define leadership not as a job description but as a disposition to life. When we begin practicing feminine leadership skills it radically transforms how we relate to other people , to our own body and to our feelings.

Ultimately the purpose of our  practice is to enter leadership in any way we can so that we can give our gifts to this beautiful world we share. To remember this will also support you in your day to day challenges

You will find many more tools right here on this blog, In my book Come Closer there are many practices written down, and in our home-study course ” A Journey to the Awakened Feminine” , there are also plenty of tools.

Let me know if you have any more questions I am happy to respond and this is helping all of us

You don’t have to do it alone!

With any Blessings