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Deeper Love Free Tele Seminar

Hi, we will host a free tele seminar this upcoming Saturday. You are warmly welcome to join us. Register here:

Here is my husband Arjuna sharing about his  journey to The Deeper Love:

I remember sitting out on the deck behind my house one night, when all at once this schism came to full focus in my awareness.  It was like a stain on the carpet which has always been there, but when you see it one day in a new light,  it becomes suddenly unbearable.

One one hand, there is the heart’s deepest realization: of oneness, of love as our very essence, of what is really important.  On the other hand, there is our personal capacity to live this realization in a tangible way.  In that moment I realized something new.

If I died one day,  end up at the Pearly Gates, and St. Peter said, “Ah, yes, Arjuna Ardagh…  well, you did alright, but you never reached the ultimate peaks of enlightenment,” that would be okay.  I could live with myself for getting a B- on the enlightenment scale.  But what if I arrived to be greeted by St. Peter who said, “Ah yes, Arjuna Ardagh… we are sorry to see from the report that you never fully gave the love that was waiting to be given in your heart.”  That night I realized that would not be okay.

That night I came to recognize that  love itself — not the vast and impersonal, expansive, I-love-everybody kind of love, but the personal, intimate, vulnerable, roll-over-on-your-back-and-expose-your-underbelly kind of love — is a more compelling reason for being alive, for me, than any kind of peak spiritual state.

Three weeks later I met an extraordinary woman, who had come to the exact same realization in her own life. Read more

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In Deeper Love,