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The- Yes, thank you I'll have some more- diet

Yesterday I entered the last phase of my four week internal cleanse.

This is the fasting phase. I must admit I dreaded fasting. My body usually do not agree with fasting. But here I am feeling soft and clear and open. Not even hungry. (This moves in waves I tell you, but I celebrate this moment:))

The most important key for me through this process and why it has felt so gentle and rewarding,  has been to start out with adding, instead of removing.

I added more fruits and greens by drinking as many green smoothies as I wanted (read more about Green Smoothies here), and this very quickly (amazingly quickly) changed my body chemistry, and my cravings! I started to want different foods! So I did not have to think “NOT that”, I just focused on drinking enough green smoothies, and naturally my cravings relaxed.

I have had eager cravings visiting from times to times, and then again I did not resist with a NOT ALLOWED, no instead I focused on adding more of the good stuff. And then they left again.

Since the herbal cleanse I am using is over 4 weeks (I use Ejuva, you can get it at Sunfood Nutrition ),  it has been gradual, gentle and very effective. Now when I am in the full- on releasing phase I still feel clear and good.

And in the fasting phase I can have as many green juices as I want, so it doesn’t feel much different than the weeks before.

I don’t want to make the cleansing process sound like a day in Disneyland, it is absolutely moving in waves. Sometimes I have head aches, I feel tired  and emotional fragile. But so far this is the far best cleansing process I have been through, and hopefully my keys can support you too. Oh, I just remembered one more important key: education. I have read lots and lots of books on healthy foods the last months, and I notice that when I know more about what food does what to my body, it influences what I crave.

So what are the benefits of all of this? It feels like, well, it feels cleansing! My skin looks translucent and eyes look really radiant, I feel clear and soft. I have released weight that I have gathered the last two years by traveling through so many time zones (I have released 15 pounds). I am in a love affair with my body and with the Goddess, it feels sacred.

This week, I am happy that I have the opportunity to take it very slow. I meditate, nap, do yoga and write in front of the fireplace. I have booked massage and colonics. This is a week dedicated to unlimited self-care!

I am surrendering deeper into the mystery.

I am grateful.

In love,