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We have been meeting in the Women’s Temple every Monday for more than eight years now. It is still my main spiritual practice and  my satguru. In the beginning of this year, we initiated many new women into the temple and we decided to all reclaim our beginners mind. So we went back to our Temple Manual, and started on the first Temple Evening that is described there, and then we kept going through the evenings one by one.

Yesterday we did the Temple Evening called  Exploring Surrender. Such a deep, deep relaxation and letting go happened. I just love the places we can open to together in our practice.

Where are you stubborn? Where are you holding on? Where are you resisting the rhythm of life?

What is surrender?

These were some of the explorations we embarked on together, along with deep embodied letting go.

Surrender is making love to the heartbeat of the Goddess.

Surrender is to let go into the flow of this crazy, beautiful, aching dance called life.

Letting go,