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the end of the 4 week cleanse

So I did it!

4 weeks herbal cleanse including one week Fasting (!!). Wow. What a journey it has been. It has been wonderful to hear from so many of you who also have been inspired to ADD more vibrant foods into your diet. I say add, because this has been the main key to my process being this easygoing and mind-blowingly rewarding. I started up adding green smoothies to my diet, and from there everything changed. I did not have to deprive myself of anything, gradually my body started to reach for more luscious green foods. The herbal cleanse I used felt gentle, gradual and effective.

The last days of my fast, I was dreaming of all the wonderful foods I was going to eat when it was over. But it has taken some days to adjust, the first day I could only eat a few bits of cucumber!

Today I made this Fresh Tomato Sauce for lunch, it was suuuper good:

10-15 Cherry tomatoes (chopped)

4 figs (soaked for 20 min)

a cup sundried tomatoes (soaked with figs)

a bunch of basil (chopped)

I put in some other fresh herbs I had too

The Juice of one lemon

1 clove of garlic (crushed)

Little sea salt

Mix figs and sundried tomatoes and garlic in a mixer/blender with the soaking water. You can put some of  the fresh tomatoes in there too if you need more liquid. Mix this in a bowl together with fresh tomatoes and herbs. No need to cook it!

I ate it on “zucchini pasta” (I used a spiral slicer to make long zucchini ‘noodles’) with a salad on the side. I also put it on top of avocado on flax crackers for wonderful snack.

In health!