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New pathways overflowing with lush greens and fragrant roses

Many of us are using this time of the year as a time to reconsider habits that no longer serve us. Eating habits, exercise habits (or lack of them), mental patterns or relationship habits.

Our brain is an amazing tool; it monitors and adjusts so that the energy we have, is spent in the most efficient way possible. It loves habits, because a habit is an action done over long  enough time that it has created neurological pathways in the brain, and this means that it takes minimal energy to do it. When these pathways are established, our brain goes to the default setting without much thinking or consideration required.

If we imagine our brain with all these different pathways already established, it is obvious that it will take more energy to “dig” a new path way.
This is what we actually are doing when we change habits, and this is why we often times can feel a tremendous resistance for the new way, and an overwhelming attraction to walk down the old familiar path. Even if we know it leads no where good.

It is said that it takes 30 days to create a new neurological pathway. 30 days to change a habit. 30 days until the new way begins to feel as the default way.
Of course some old paths can be so deeply ingrained that if we are not aware we will slip into them again, but it no longer takes that much effort to chose the new habit.

I am changing some dietary habits this month, and as I experience myself more and more in balance, I already have discovered that my body craves healthy nutrition instead of empty foods.
I am picturing my new pathways overflowing with lush greens and fragrant roses, maybe I will meet you there, and we can take a walk, barefoot in the dew together?

I would love to hear about your new habits
In refreshingly new territory,