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Every Day Enlightenment

A while back I heard of a Buddhist center in America where they have a practice to stop what they were doing every time the phone was ringing, not to rush to pick it up, but to do their breathing practice:
Breathing in calmness- Breathing out calmness

At our office at Awakening Women Institute we have implemented a version of this wonderful practice: On each desk we have a kitchen clock that we set to ring every 20 minutes. When it goes off, the “rule’ is that we have to stop, stand up and breathe deeply. We make sounds and do a little shake. Then we go back to whatever we were doing, and now it is as we have “re-boothed” our bodies and our awareness and we are starting fresh.
We have noticed that our brains works better and our bodies are more happy since we will not be sitting in tension for too long without becoming aware of it.

As modern women we are called to find ways that we can connect with our source of health and wakefulness in the midst of dishes and phone-calls, bills and carpools. It is not an option for most of us to move to a monastery (although many of us often wish we could), and I think that that is because we are meant to show up right here were we are , right now. Our task is to find our moments of balance, keep connecting with what is true in our hearts and find ways to share that wisdom with the world. To sit on a meditation cushion is easy, this is the advance practice sister!

So how do we connect with a place of stillness and peace when the to-do list is five miles long, there are kids hanging from our belts or it is simply our own mental chatter that keeps pulling us away?

We take what we got, and find small reminders in the midst of what we any way are doing, and we make that into out meditation bells, our reminders.

Be creative sister and share with us your ideas.

ooops, the clock went of, gotta shake!!

Today’s Practice:

Every time you hear the phone today (or choose another “reminder”) take three conscious breaths while saying inside yourself:
Breathing in Beauty
Breathing out Beauty

Vibrant Tip:
Make your daily routines into reminders for you to breathe deeply, to feel your feet, to connect within. A few examples:
Decide that when you brush your teeth this will be your gratitude time.
Put small notes around reminding you to breath; in your car, on your tea cup, on your mirror etc.
Every time you pee, close your eyes and let go of everything.
Decide that the sound of the phone is a wake up call from God, and take a moment to celebrate that you are alive before you pick it up