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The Divine Mother's Game of Hide and Seek

Poem By Malika Shay,RYT,LE

I find Her Woven Message
Threaded deep Inside the Sacred Dance.
She Whispers Through Each strand of My Hair,
She Sings In a soft, purring, gentle Voice;
Powering Her Fluidity, through my Hips.
I Find Her Inside the Golden Shrine of my Chest.
Sometimes She plays a Horrific Crescendo Drum, ((( < )))
In Fiery rhythms with My Receptive Heartbeat.
Other times, She Blows Onto my Emotional Body
With Her Endless and Restless Breath.
Her Vital and Electrical Forces~
Heating Me Up, Cooling Me Down,
At Her Terrific! Dispense and Will.
I find Her In My pierced Lips, and clenched fists.
Armoring Strength through Grace,
She Empowers My Faith through a Dignified Mind.
I Find Her in My Foot Steps,
and In the Story of
each padded print of my toes.
She leaves Wild and Fearless Tracks,
Crossing over Every part of this Town.
She connects the Peoples Hearts like dots,
Creating an Invisible Matrix of Unified Love.
She Is,
Your True and devoted Neighbor.
I Find Her In my Finger Prints.
She Enjoys Extending
Through these Helping Hands,
And I see Her Secret Work Everywhere!
She leaves Her mark Within the Human Hearts.
She Lives and takes Lustrous Moon baths
Within My Eyes.
To See Beauty Everywhere, and In Everyone,
It is the Sign of the Divine’s Home.
She Proclaims Her Presence Through My Voice.
With Great Vitality, She colors my words with
Her Truth, With Her Passion,
With the Clear Light of Her Bliss.
She has Trained this Servant of Forgiveness Well…
I Find Her inside the Sweetness,
of offering My True Blessing
to those that unconsciously cause harm.
I Find Her In that astounding Nature,
Where Living Compassion
Is the Ultimate Natural!
She Knows Your Name.
She paints It across the Sky
with the strokes of Empowerment.
All because She desires to See Her Reflection,
To Celebrate The Creation
that was birthed from Her Undying Love.
I hear Her under Water,
In a Burning Tree,
In the smoke that arises
over a cooking stove.
I hear Her in the baby’s gurgle,
In the Child’s Cry,
In the Christened Man’s Mind,
and in the Woman’s Vast Heart.
Oh,… How She Wants To Be Heard.

Malika Shay’s passion is writing Mystic Poetry and offering Yoga Therapy Rx and Expressive Arts catered to your Home, Corporate, Clinic, Spa, Educational, Multi-Media, or Studio Setting. She specializes in the Art of Creative Wellness. Malika provides over 17 styles of Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and offer Holistic Spa Therapies.  Malika offers Expressive Arts Therapy in the Form of DevaDance! Trance Dance Events.