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The other name for longing is love.

We flocked to the mountains. Women from all over Switzerland, Germany and I from California. What called us here?

In this ancient house I can hear the floor yearning with every step, the walls wake me up in the night with their songs of longing.

The long dead sufi teacher for whom this retreat place was created, is a whirling Dakini on the pink mountain tops I  see from my window. She is whirling, whirling up cascades of snow storms and pure aching beauty in our hearts.

From the very first evening she kicked us right into the unfiltered realm of longing, and from there there was no return. Only then did I remember that she already many years ago spoke to our Awakening Women community about longing. The very first quote in my first book Come Closer, was by her;

Progress is only possible through longing. And as the path of progress is infinite, there should be infinite longing. Thus longing becomes itself a form of the infinite, to be desired for its own sake. This is why the mystics idealize longing. The other name for longing is love. Irena Tweedie

5 years later I was invited to bring the Awakening Women work to Villa Unspunnen, a place created by her lineage. So here we are , in the Swiss alps, being brutally and compassionately pulled into silence, into the vastness of our own beauty.

What called us here?

In Awe,