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Why I celebrate the International Women's day

international womans day Hooray!In Norway where I grew up March 8th was a big day. We marched in parades through the city, we dressed up in nice clothes, we said congratulation!

In Norway women have as close to equal rights as it gets at this time on our planet, so one could easily say, “whats the big deal”, “lets not create more division”, or “what is gender anyway”, or “I don’t want to be identified as a woman, I am a human being” etc etc etc.

But we didn’t. we said; let us never forget that our freedom is new and tender, let us never forget that the largest suppressed group on the planet today is women.

And this is why I celebrate this day with all my heart;

Because of a gratitude deeper than I can ever express, for the path that was cleared before me by brave women who fiercely stepped into the unknown, not very long time ago.

Because of solidarity with all the women who are not free yet. May they never ever be forgotten.

Because we still have a new steps to take into an awaken and fully empowered feminine, and we need each others support along the way

Because I celebrate the feminine in all, and i will never stop giving it voice

Happy Happy International women’s day!

With Love Chameli