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The pain passes, but the beauty remains

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Don’t we all, in one way or another, long to live in love? To connect deeply with each moment, to connect deeply with our children, our friends, and our lover?
And again and again we find ourselves being occupied by one emotional state after another. We close down when a feeling arises, or we become lost in those feelings.
We become rigidly occupied with the story attached to the feeling, and we enforce separation.

I would even go so far as to say that emotional drama is the main root of suffering and distraction for the feminine, and this is why it brings such freedom and expansiveness to us when we learn how to be with feelings in a natural and conscious way. Now we can stay open and connected to loving presence in the midst of any emotional state.

The pain passes, but the beauty remains

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The key to finding this freedom is in our willingness to stay present, to open ourselves when all our habits call us to contract. This very open presence is love itself. Not the “I-want-you-baby” love that comes and goes (and more correctly should be called “need”). When we stay connected with this one presence from which all feelings arise and dissolve back into, we find that even the fiercest anger can be an expression of deep love. Anger that is not attached to a story of cause and effect, and not directed at anyone, can be the most beautiful display of power and energy, both for the woman who experiences anger and for the people around her.

This fully felt anger does not create any suffering or destruction whatsoever; on the contrary, it becomes just another vehicle for an open presence and love to be expressed. It is pure life energy and can guide us into this present moment as effectively as any mantra or yoga posture.

This powerful spiritual practice, feminine embodiment practice, opens us to a whole other dimension of being alive, in which we can directly experience love as our very essence, right here always.

With deep feelings,