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When you give up your joy, you give up your power


You have heard me before, raving about my  women’s temple group here in Nevada City. Yesterday it was Monday, and Monday night is Temple night.

I don’t know how it happened but all of the sudden we were taken over by a powerful divine force. It did not happen while meditating, or while praying, it happened while we were rolling on the floor in pee-in-the-pants-cramp-in-the-belly laughter fits.

I am sure we had one of those ecstatic visits from Baubu, the goddess of belly laughter and dirty jokes. Baubu is a figure in the Greek mythology (you find her in Japan too with another name).

Demeter, the Goddess of fertility and harvest was deeply depressed, her daughter had been kidnapped. Demeter felt heavy and hopeless, and when the goddess of fertility gives up, every one suffers. A great famine was spreading on earth.

Enters Baubu, a goddess who was one big vulva, jumping around, telling dirty jokes and flashing her vulva. Demeter could not help herself, she burst out laughing. Deep healthy belly laughter. In her laughter she found her strength.

She stood up, wiped the dust of her skirt and went to find her daughter. The earth was fertile again and the fields was full of food.

So this is how the earth once was saved by belly laughter.

Yes, I could feel it yesterday, the strength and the freedom we shared.

(Later on we massaged each other to even more bliss, and completed the evening with slam poetry/rapshow(!). I will write more about that another time)

(Image from our annual Greece Retreat by Mikaela Larm)

The Mayan priests says that if you give up your joy, you give up your power.
Wow, an important to reminder. And to turn it around:

You awaken your power by awaken your joy.

Okay sisters, are you ready?
Lets do it.
One minute deep belly laughter…
from now!


Photo: Bibbie Friman